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Languages, Cultures, and Race

Charles Toye.Charles Toye, graduate student, languages, cultures, and race, presented “Su espacio propio: heterotopía y feminidad masculina en Los Motivos de Circe, de Lourdes Ortiz.” (“A Space of Her Own: Heterotopia and Masculine Femininity in Lourdes Ortiz’s Circe’s Motives) at the 11th Annual Graduate Student Conference, “Voices of Marginality: Literary and Linguistic Reflections on Cultural Hierarchies in Spain and Latin America,” University of Colorado, Boulder.

Sociology and Mathematics and Statistics

Namrata Ray.
Jugal Marfatia.

Namrata Ray, doctoral student, sociology, and Jugal Marfatia, graduate student, mathematics and statistics, were selected as finalists in the National Football League’s Big Data Bowl 2020 based on the innovation, accuracy, relevance, and clarity of their submission, which they presented at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Anthropology and Mathematics and Statistics

Courtney Meehan
Edward Hagen.
Katherine Flores.
Abhishek Kaul.

Courtney Meehan, associate professor, Edward Hagen, professor, and Katherine Flores, doctoral candidate, anthropology, and Abhishek Kaul, assistant professor, mathematics and statistics, coauthored with colleagues “Household composition and the infant fecal microbiome: The INSPIRE study” in American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Carmen Lugo-Lugo.
Mary Bloodsworth-Lugo.

Carmen Lugo-Lugo and Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo, professors, languages, cultures, and race, coauthored “The End of the World, Hollywood, and the Endurance of Military Violence: Elysium and World War Z,” and Lugo-Lugo authored “Latinas/os in Hollywood: Contemporary Representations in Black and White,” both in The Myth of Colorblindness: Race and Ethnicity in American Cinema (Palgrave).


Tim Kohler.
Laura Ellyson.
Kyle Bocinsky.

Tim Kohler, regents professor, Laura J. Ellyson, doctoral student, and R. Kyle Bocinsky, alumnus (PhD ’14), anthropology, coauthored “Beyond One-Shot Hypotheses: Explaining Three Increasingly Large Collapses in the Northern Pueblo Southwest” in Going Forward by Looking Back: Archaeological Perspectives on Socio-Ecological Crisis, Response and Collapse (Berghahan Books, New York).

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Vilma Navarro-Daniels.Vilma Navarro-Daniels, associate professor, languages, cultures, and race, edited a special volume of Contextos: Estudios de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, a peer-reviewed journal by the Metropolitan University of Sciences of Education Press, Santiago, Chile, on  “Approaches to Teaching the Humanities and Cultural Studies Through Latin American and Spanish Theater.”

She also authored the article “Dibujar para subvertir: Cuerpo, género y poder en las crónicas y los diarios gráficos de Marcela Trujillo” (“Drawing to Subvert: Body, Gender, and Power in Marcela Trujillo’s Chronicles and Graphic Diaries”) in Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispanicos published by the Canadian Association of Hispanists; and she authored the chapter, “De himno y elegía: La Guerra, de Gabriela Mistral, y Mientras los Hombres Mueren, de Carmen Conde” (“On Hymn and Elegy: The War, by Gabriela Mistral, and While Men Die, by Carmen Conde”), in Spanish Civil War Poetry: A Comparative Approach (Peter Lang Publishing).