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Digital Technology and Culture

John Barber.

“Dawn Birds, Light Traffic, and Melodic Machines,” a 58-minute radio art piece created by John Barber, career-track professor, digital technology and culture at WSU Vancouver was jury-selected by international reviewers and broadcast in September as part of Radiophrenia from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Additionally, his work on “Creating Classroom Podcasts” was accepted for peer review by Palgrave-MacMillan Publishing.

English/Creative Media and Digital Culture

Dene Grigar
John Barber

Dene Grigar, professor and director, and John Barber, clinical associate professor, English/creative media and digital culture, WSU Vancouver, were invited speakers at the first electronic literature conference in the Arab world, Arab Electronic Literature: New Horizons and Global Perspectives, hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by Rochester Institute of Technology. Grigar presented “Preserving a Cultural Legacy of Born Digital Literature.” Barber presented, “Sound and Electronic Literature.” Barber’s sound art work, “There and Back,” was one of seven international works invited for a curated exhibition associated with the conference.

English/Creative Media and Digital Culture

John BarberJohn Barber, instructor, English/creative media and digital culture, WSU Vancouver, authored “Imaginative Radio Plays” which was selected for exhibition in the Helicotrema Festival 2017, part of the Venice Art Biennale in Venice, Italy.