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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Published Research/Scholarship/Creative Work

Languages, Cultures, and Race

John Streamas.John Streamas, associate professor, languages, cultures, and race, authored the chapter “East by Northwest: Preserving Pacific War Memory at Hanford and Minidoka” in Dark Tourism in the American West (Palgrave Macmillan); and the article “A Vision for Scholar-Activists of Color” in Journal of Academic Freedom.


Sue Peabody.Sue Peabody, professor, history, WSU Vancouver, was selected for an eight-week residency in Cassis, France, as a fellow at the Camargo Foundation to work on her creative nonfiction project, The Failure of the Succès: Anatomy of a Slave Smuggling Voyage. She will later travel to Paris and London for archival research and to Réunion Island for an exhibit opening at the Musée historique de Villèle dedicated to the subject of her previous book, Madeleine’s Children: Family, Freedom, Secrets, and Lies in France’s Indian Ocean Colonies (Oxford University Press, 2017), coinciding with the book’s release in French.

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Vilma Navarro-Daniels.Vilma Navarro-Daniels, associate professor, languages, cultures, and race, presented “La Guerra, de Gabriela Mistral: Un himno al retorno a los orígenes” (“The War, by Gabriela Mistral: A Hymn to the Return to Origins”) at the 29th International Conference of the Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the Universitat de València, Spain. She also authored “Yo, Maldita India, de Jerónimo López Mozo: Una deconstrucción teatral del discurso histórico” (“Jerónimo López Mozo’s Yo, Maldita India: A Theatrical Deconstruction of Historiography”) in Contextos. Estudios de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, published by Metropolitan University of Sciences of Education Press, Santiago, Chile.