Safety Is for Everyone

Safety is a vital and collaborative endeavor that helps safeguard WSU community members from many kinds of potential hazards: everything from operating machinery and exposure to chemicals and biological agents to unhealthy office ergonomics and the dangers of slipping on winter ice.

Protect yourself and those around you by anticipating problems and working to prevent them.

It is your responsibility to understand the associated risks of the work you do—in your office, in the lab, and in the classroom—and to complete appropriate WSU training so you are prepared to mitigate risks and to deal with incidents or injury should they occur.

Being aware of and understanding risk helps minimize hazards whenever possible and protects the health and well-being of WSU employees, students, and visitors.

University Resources

See SPPM 2.30 for workers’ compensation procedures.

See BPPM 50.30 for workplace violence procedures.

See SPPM 2.32 for return-to-work procedures.