Chapter 26 – Safety Committees & Meetings

A. Purpose

Safety committees provide a venue for communicating and evaluating workplace safety and health concerns identified by employees. The EHS/RMS safety committee is intended to represent all EHS/RMS employees on the WSU Pullman campus. All non-management EHS/RMS employees may attend safety committee meetings, a management representative will be present to ensure employee concerns are raised to the management level.

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B. References and Resources

  1. WSU (SPPM) 2.12 Unit Safety Committees and Meetings
  2. Washington Administrative Code Safety committees/safety meetings
  3. Washington State Department of Labor and Industry Safety Meetings and Committees

C. Safety Committee Structure


Non-management Representatives:

  • Employees elect fellow workers to represent them on the committee.
  • Employees elect committee members to serve for a one-year term. Members may be reelected by their peers. There is no limit on the number of terms to which employees may be reelected.
  • Vacancies are filled by special election.

Management Representatives:

  • The unit administration appoints at least one management representative to the committee.
  • The number of management members may not exceed the number of non-management employee members.

Representation by Area

Mandatory Member List

AreaNumber RepsExpiration
Anthropology1August 15
Chemistry1August 15
Fine Arts1August 15
Institute for Shock Physics1August 15
Physics & Astronomy1August 15
School of Biological Sciences1August 15
School of the Environment1August 15
Technical Services1August 15

Volunteer Member List

AreaNumber RepsExpiration
Criminal Justice1August 15
Digital Technology and Culture1August 15
English1August 15
History1August 15
Mathematics and Statistics1August 15
School of Music1August 15
School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs1August 15
Psychology1August 15
School of Languages, Cultures & Race1August 15
Sociology1August 15

D. College & Departmental Safety Committee Functions

Safety meeting agendas must include the following activities:

  • Review Levels 1 & 2 Safety Committee meeting minutes as requested by those committees.
  • Assist unit supervisors in promoting or publicizing relevant safety and health topics (i.e., issues, policies, programs, training).
  • Evaluate employee safety concerns, reported hazards, and suggestions, and proposing solutions.
  • Assist unit supervisors in reviewing job or operating procedures and recommending improvements.
  • Evaluate Incident Reports and Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Reports to determine causes/problems and recommending methods of prevention or solutions.
  • Refer unresolved safety problems to the unit administrator.
  • Evaluate the unit’s Accident Prevention Program and other applicable safety and health programs (e.g., Chemical Hazard Communication Program, Laboratory Safety Manual) and making recommendations to the unit administrator on improvements.
  • Assist unit supervisors in coordinating and conducting annual safety self-inspections.

Optional meeting activities:

  • Meeting annually with the unit administrator and supervisors to select projects based on their activities, potential hazards, accident history, and WSU policy requirements.
  • Reporting progress on safety projects during safety committee meetings.

E. Documentation


  • The group appoints or elects a representative to document safety meetings.
  • Every Safety Committee in the College must document the minutes of meetings.
    • Committees may use the Safety Meeting Report and Agenda form on SPPM 2.12.4-5 or may create a report to document meetings.


  • Safety Committees must route safety meeting reports to unit Chairs or Directors for signature.
  • Departmental Safety Committees will submit signed meeting reports to:
    • The Department by direct distribution to employees or by posting copies on safety bulletin board;
    • The College Safety Committee by posting meeting minutes on the safety database in Teams.


  • Every Safety Committee in CAS will maintain copies of safety meeting reports on file for at least two years, in accordance with University records retention requirements. (See BPPM 90.01.)