Chapter 25 – Safety Bulletin Boards

B. Purpose

The Safety Bulletin Board provides a location for communicating safety topics and concerns to CAS employees in their respective departments.

C. Locations

Each University department or unit must install and maintain a safety bulletin board in an appropriate central location, such as a break room or near the main building entrance.

D. Responsibility

Department or Unit administrators in coordination with the safety committee or safety committee representative are responsible for ensuring the required materials are posted on the safety bulletin board. Department or Unit administrators

E. Items for Safety Bulletin Boards

  • If a Job Injury Occurs/Workers Compensation (F242-191-909)
  • The OSHA 300 Summary must be posted from February 1 to April 30 each year. The annual OSHA 300 summary may be obtained by contacting EHS 335-3041.
  • Labor and Industries (L&I) violations received by the department for the required (varies) posting interval.


  • Additional safety educational materials may also be posted on the bulletin board.

F. Maintenance

In order to maintain a professional appearance, worn material should be replaced periodically. Dated material is to be removed. It is recommended that, materials be reviewed every six months at a minimum. Update your safety bulletin board with the latest information.

Although some information is required to stay posted on your safety bulletin board, encourage employees to return periodically by adding new safety educational materials available free from LNI, such as posters or safety tips.

G. Assistance

Contact the EHS Occupational Health and Safety unit at 335-3041 with questions concerning safety bulletin boards.