Chapter 18 – Ladder Safety

B. Scope

This chapter covers the safety of CAS employees when using ladders. The requirements are governed by Washington Administrative Code 296-876, Portable and Fixed Ladders and WSU Safety Policy and Procedure Manual (SPPM) Chapter S3.34, Elevated Work Safety.

C. Appendices

  • Appendix A – Ladder Inspection Checklist
  • Appendix B – Guidelines for Ladder Use

D. Responsibilities


  • Ensure all employees that use ladders receive ladder safety training before performing work.
  • Enforce correct ladder.
  • Provide the correct ladder types for the intended application(s).
  • Ensure ladders are inspected when first placed into service, prior to every use, and immediately after potential damage from impact e.g., tip over, excessive heat or corrosive
  • Ensure ladders with defects are taken out of service Affix an out-of-service or do-not-use sign on the ladder and dispose as soon as possible.


  • Participate in training when
  • Select the appropriate portable ladder for the work
  • Maintain ladders in good, usable condition.
  • Inspect ladders before each use by using the inspection checklist (Appendix A).
  • Do not use defective ladders and take defective ladders out of service Report the observed defects to your supervisor.

E. Training

Training is provided to employees by the EHS Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) unit. Re-training is required when an employee exhibits inadequate knowledge, skill or understanding, or non-conforming use of ladders.

Training will require participants to demonstrate an understanding of WAC 296-876 and a proficiency using ladders. Training information will include:

  • The proper selection, use, placement, and care in handling and transporting ladders.
  • The maximum intended load capacities of ladders that are used
  • How and when to inspect ladders