Chapter 1 – Introduction

B. Purpose

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Accident Prevention Program (APP) establishes policies and procedures intended to prevent workplace accidents, illnesses, and injuries through effective policy. These policies support the systematic identification, evaluation/assessment, elimination and/or control of workplace hazards. To implement effective hazard controls, this policy clearly defines safety responsibilities, identifies resources for correcting or controlling hazards, and outlines training requirements for personnel potentially exposed to workplace hazards.

C. Scope

This APP establishes workplace safety requirements for CAS directors, chairs, supervisors, and employees. The APP chapters contained herein provide guidance for CAS personnel engaged in specific activities where hazards are present or may be encountered. CAS supervisors and employees are engaged in preparing each chapter. Washington Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) rules and WSU’s Safety Policy and Procedures Manual (SPPM) are referenced for adherence to State rules and WSU policy.

This APP is not a static document; rather, it is subject to regular review and revision when improvements to policies and procedures are identified. All CAS employees are responsible for a safe workplace and for recommending improvements to existing policy. Employees are expected to hold themselves and their peers accountable for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Any employee who does not comply with the applicable safety policies and procedures, or who is negligent in his or her responsibilities will be subject to corrective and/or disciplinary action.

CAS employees have the authority to halt any work activity which they believe may be an imminent threat to life, health, property, or equipment.

This APP does not establish safety requirements for activities that are not identified in the following chapters. CAS personnel required to engage in activities not covered by this APP must contact the Director for Occupational Health and Safety to develop applicable procedures and receive training and additional approvals as required.

D. Procedures

This APP establishes CAS safety policy. In some instances, these policies extend to task-specific safety procedural requirements. Documentation demonstrating procedural requirements may also be required as referenced in the following chapters. Program managers and supervisors are expected to integrate these procedures into the appropriate work activities, and all employees are expected to apply them on the job.

E. Dissemination

This document is available to all CAS employees online at

F. Update Procedure

Individual sections within this document will be reviewed no less frequently than every three years to ensure they remain current. The CAS Safety Committee Chair will be responsible for ensuring that periodic reviews are conducted. Responsibility for conducting the individual section reviews will be assigned by the CAS Safety Committee Chair.