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Languages, Cultures, and Race

Spencer Martin.
Amanda Hussein.
Abigail Romero.

Spencer Martin, Amanda Hussein, and Abigail Romero, PhD candidates, languages, cultures, and race, presented a panel titled “The Power of Narratives: Informed by and Informing Realities in Latin America and Beyond” at the 2023 Annual Conference of the Latin American Studies Association in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. They read their respective research papers, “Re-membering the Massacre: Collective Memory and Nation-Building in La Noche de Tlatelolco and Cien Anos de Soledad”; “La crueldad y el amor: una exploración de la crueldad, el amor y la muerte en la novela El Amor en Los Tiempos del Colera”; and “Sleep Dealer: A Reflection on the Disposability of Migrant Individuals and Bodies.” Martin organized the panel chaired by Hussein with Romero as the discussant.

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Amanda Hussein.Amanda Hussein, doctoral student, languages, cultures, and race, presented “Amor traicionero: la reescritura de tres heroínas, Juana la Loca, Inés Suárez y doña Marina” (“Treacherous Love: Rewriting three Heroines, Juana, the Mad Queen, Inés Suárez, and Doña Marina”) at the 30th international conference of the Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Hussein also serves as spokesperson for the graduate students of AGSS.

Criminal Justice and Criminology

An article coauthored by criminal justice and criminology faculty Mary Stohr, Dale Willits, David Makin, Craig Hemmens, Duane Stanton, and John Snyder; emeritus professor Nick Lovrich; and doctoral students Ruibin Lu, Guangshen Wu, and Mikala Meize, “The Cannabis Effect on Crime: Time-Series Analysis of Crime in Colorado and Washington State,” became the most read article in the nearly 40-year history of Justice Quarterly, with more than 41,000 views.