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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Criminal Justice and Criminology

Criminal Justice and Criminology

An article coauthored by criminal justice and criminology faculty Mary Stohr, Dale Willits, David Makin, Craig Hemmens, Duane Stanton, and John Snyder; emeritus professor Nick Lovrich; and doctoral students Ruibin Lu, Guangshen Wu, and Mikala Meize, “The Cannabis Effect on Crime: Time-Series Analysis of Crime in Colorado and Washington State,” became the most read article in the nearly 40-year history of Justice Quarterly, with more than 41,000 views.

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Laurie Drapela.
Zach Hamilton.
Melissa Kowalski.
Elizabeth Tollefsbol.
Youngki Woo.
Mary Stohr.

Laurie Drapela and Zachary K. Hamilton, associate professors, Melissa Kowalski, Elizabeth Thompson Tollefsbol, and Youngki Woo, doctoral candidates, and Mary K. Stohr, professor, criminal justice and criminology, coauthored with a colleague “Understanding Offender Needs over Forms of Isolation using a Repeated Measures Design” in The Prison Journal.

Faith Lutze.
Nicholas Pimley.
Mei Xiaohan.

Drapela and Tollefsbol with Faith E. Lutze, professor, and Nicholas Pimley, doctoral candidate, also coauthored “Assessing the Behavior and Needs Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury in Washington State Prisons: Establishing a Foundation for Policy, Practice, and Education” in Justice Quarterly.

In addition, Drapela, Woo, Stohr, Hamilton, Tollefsbol, Xiaohan Mei, doctoral candidate, and a colleague coauthored “The Effects of Disciplinary Segregation on Offender Behavior: Institutional and Community Outcomes” in Criminal Justice Policy Review.