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Arts & Sciences

Becky James.Becky James, research development manager, dean’s office, received WSU’s Grant and Contract Administration Service Recognition Award of 2022 for her work with faculty across the arts, humanities, and social, life, and physical sciences.

Creative Media and Digital Culture

John Barber.
Greg Philbrook.

John Barber, associate professor, and Greg Philbrook, technician, creative media and digital culture, WSU Vancouver, coauthored the multimedia exhibit Remembering the Dead, a memorial to victims of mass shootings across America, jury selected for presentation at the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. They also coauthored the exhibit Sound Spheres, jury selected for the exhibition/creative track of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Hypertext 2019 Conference, Institute of Information Systems at Hof University, Germany.

In addition, Barber recently served as producer, dramaturge, and director of the live performance and online streaming of the five-part “Halloween Fright Night Live,” featuring episodes from Lights Out, Quiet Please!, and Suspense, for his Re-Imagined Radio project .