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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Honors and Achievements

Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

Any Mazur
Season Hoard

Amy Mazur, professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, co-edited the forthcoming Oxford University Handbook on French Politics and coauthored three of its 30 chapters. She also authored “Does Feminist Policy Matter in Post Industrial Democracies?: A Proposed Analytical Roadmap” forthcoming in Journal of Women, Politics and Policy; coauthored with Season Hoard, clinical assistant professor, and another colleague, “Comparative Strength of Women’s Movements Over-time: Conceptual, Empirical and Theoretical Innovations” in Politics, Groups and Identities; and coauthored “Gender and Causal Concepts: Implications for Comparative Theory-Building” in Politics and Gender.


Kristin Arola
Lucy Johnson

Kristin Arola, associate professor, English, was elected to a three-year term on the national Conference on College Composition and Communication Executive Committee. Arola also coauthored with Lucy Johnson, graduate student, English, the article “Tracing the Turn: The Rise of Multimodal Composition in the U.S.” in the Polish Rhetoric Society journal Res Rhetorica.

Criminal Justice and Criminology; Governmental Studies and Services

David Makin
Amber Morczek
Michael Gaffney

David Makin, assistant professor, criminal justice and criminology, authored “When the Watchers are Watched: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Body Worn Cameras” in Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology. He also coauthored three publications: with Sanne Rijkhoff and Christopher Campbell, PhD ’15, “A rhetorical balancing act: Popular Punitivism in the Netherlands” in Punishment and Society; with Caroline Bye, MA ’16, “Commodification of Flesh: Data Visualization Techniques and Interest in the Licit Sex Industry” in Deviant Behavior; with Andrea Walker and Amber Morczek, doctoral students, “Finding Lolita: A Comparative Analysis of Interest in Teenage Pornography” in Sexuality & Culture; and with Michael Gaffney, director, governmental studies and services, and Gary Jenkins, “Civilizing Surveillance Practices: The Pullman Police Department Public Safety Camera Monitoring Internship Program” in Journal of Applied Security Research.

Makin was a featured presenter in the “Body Worn Camera and Wearables Panel” of the VQiPS workshop hosted by the U.S. departments of Justice and Homeland Security in Seattle. He received the Outstanding Thesis Advisor Award from the WSU Honor’s College in May.


peter-boag_88x106Peter Boag, professor, history, delivered an invited commencement address for the Department of History at his doctoral alma mater University of Oregon. Boag also was chosen to lead the inaugural “Pride Forever: Portland LGBTQ History Walking Tour” in Portland, Ore.; and he appeared in and provided historical consultation for the episode “Darcelle XV” of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s series The Oregon Experience.