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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Published Research/Scholarship/Creative Work

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Vilma Navarro-Daniels.Vilma Navarro-Daniels, professor, languages, cultures, and race, authored “Edipo se hizo mendigo y habitó entre nosotros: una interpretación de La Historia Oficial y Cuerpos Prohibidos” (“Oedipus became a beggar and dwelled among us: An interpretation of The Official Story and Forbidden Bodies”) in Iter (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences Press, Santiago, Chile).

She also presented “El ‘Otro’ radical como guardián de la memoria: cuerpo, voz, y disidencia en Una Mujer Fantástica, de Sebastián Lelio” (“The Radical ‘Other’ as the Guardian of Memory: Body, Voice, and Dissent in Sebastián Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman”) at the 39th International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association.


Andra Chastain.Andra Chastain, assistant professor, history, WSU Vancouver, authored “‘A Shameful and Uncivilized Spectacle’: Taxibuses, Students, and the Conflicted Road to Deregulation in Pinochet’s Chile, 1975–1978″ in Journal of Transport History; and “Rethinking Basic Infrastructure: French Aid and Metro Development in Postwar Latin America,” in a special issue of Comparativ, “Transforming Cities: Urbanization and International Development in Africa and Latin America since 1945.”