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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Languages, Cultures, and Race

Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Richard King

Richard King, professor, critical culture, gender, and race studies, delivered three presentations: “Understanding Racial Violence and Intimidation: White Supremacist Movements in the Pacific Northwest” as the keynote address for the symposium, Building Respectful Communities: Transcending Hate, at Central Washington University in Ellensburg; “Racists, Hooligans, and Fascists: Depictions of Skinheads and Neo-Nazis in European and North American Cinema” for the Transatlantic Cinema: Production, Genres, Encounters, Negotiations conference at the University of Passau, Germany; and “Refusing to Defend this House: Athletic Insurrection at the University of Missouri and Beyond” at the American Studies Association’s annual meeting in Denver.

David Leonard

King also authored two book chapters: “Listening to Bad Music: White Power and (Un)Popular Culture” in Unpopular Culture (University of Amsterdam Press); and “Look Away: On the Racial, Sexual, and Cultural Politics of the NFL” in Football, Culture, and Power (Routledge), co-edited by David Leonard, associate professor.