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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences

Timeline and Recipient Requirements

Notification of Scholarship and Fellowship Offers

  • Scholarship and fellowship offer letters will be emailed to recipients from the CAS scholarship coordinator beginning in mid-March each year and continuing throughout the academic year. Students who are not selected will not receive notification.
  • Applicants are responsible for checking their WSU email regularly as all scholarship communication will take place via WSU email only.

Accepting a Scholarship or Fellowship Offer

  • Recipients must officially accept or decline all scholarship or fellowship offers no later than the date indicated in the scholarship or fellowship offer letter.
  • Recipients must write a thank you letter(s) to each donor(s) or stewardee(s) of each scholarship or fellowship and are due no later than the date indicated in the scholarship or fellowship offer letter.
  • If the accept/decline form and thank you letter(s) are not received by the stated deadline, the scholarship or fellowship offer(s) will be rescinded, and the scholarship(s) or fellowship(s) will be offered to another student.
  • If you are offered a scholarship or fellowship and experience extenuating circumstances that prevent you from meeting the deadline, please contact the CAS scholarship coordinator by the deadline.
  • Remember, only email from your WSU email address! We cannot respond to a student’s non-WSU email per the WSU student email policy.

Check out the thank you letter instructions for guidelines and format and component requirements.

Scholarship & Fellowship Recipient Requirements & Expectations

  • Complete & return the accept/decline form
  • Write a thank you letter to the donor(s) or stewardee(s)
  • Required to maintain eligibility as outlined in the offer letter(s)
  • Required to notify CAS scholarship coordinator of eligibility/enrollment changes or other circumstances that impact a scholarship or fellowship in a timely manner
  • Expected to attend department/school/program award ceremony each Fall or Spring semester
  • Expected to attend donor events/meetings if requested
  • Expected to wear business casual or nice Coug attire to the award ceremony and donor events/meetings

Turning in Your Accept/Decline Form

Email completed accept/decline forms to

Turning in Your Thank You Letter

Email completed thank you letter(s) to


Contact the CAS scholarship coordinator
Lauren Jasmer