Fellowships and Funding

College of Arts and Sciences awards

The college and its schools and departments offer a wide variety of fellowships to graduate students.

Named fellowships and scholarships include the Boeing Company Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Science, the Herbert L. Eastlick Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, and many more.

Named fellowships are awarded in line with the wishes of the donors and student eligibility varies from fund to fund. In addition to named or memorial fellowships, general donated funds are often used to provide fellowship opportunities for graduate students.

College-level graduate fellowships are nomination-based and are facilitated by the Office of the Dean and the academic departments and schools. Academic department- and school-level graduate fellowships are handled internally by each department and school.

A limited number of graduate student scholarships are also available through the College of Arts and Sciences.

More opportunities

Contact the academic program you are interested in for information on specific funding opportunities and how to apply.

Grant-supported funding and internship opportunities are also available through the NIH Biotechnology Training Program at WSU.

Visit the WSU Graduate School website for information about additional fellowships, grants, assistantships and  financial awards for graduate students.