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Your academic advisor is valuable resource and can offer insights for your academic journey. All you have to do is ask.

Some sample questions you could ask your advisor

What academic goals should I set for myself?

What are the requirements for this major/degree?

How flexible is this major/degree? 

Do classes need to be taken in a specific order or are there certain sequences/orders that would help me do better academically?

Do I have room in my schedule/plan to take some classes “just for fun”? If so, what classes do students tell you they loved and recommend to others?

I want to graduate in ____ years or ____ semesters.  Is that realistic? What do I need to do to accomplish this goal?

What skills will this major/degree help me develop?

As a student majoring in this program, am I assigned to a faculty mentor? If not, do you suggest I seek one out for myself? 

Will my degree prepare me for my career goal or will I need to consider professional or graduate school after earning my baccalaureate degree from WSU? If so, how do I prepare for professional or graduate school?

Can I change my major/degree?  If so, how?

What campus resources do you suggest I utilize? 

What kind of co-curricular or high-impact opportunities would benefit me and help me develop skills or professional connections? What resources are available to me to find these opportunities? 

Are there any scholarship opportunities for me as a College of Arts and Sciences student? If so, how do I go about applying for these opportunities?

Any advice or tips for me that I haven’t asked about?


Advisors and students work as partners in achieving students’ personal, academic, and career goals. (See: Working Together)

You might consider taking an introductory course in a discipline you’re interested in. We have a CAS Exploring advisor who can meet with you to discuss major options. Our Career Development Coordinator can assist with identifying your personal, academic, and career goals. Contact a CAS Exploring Advisor and Career Development Coordinator.

To find your Enrollment Dates, click on the Manage Classes tile from your MyWSU homepage. See instructions and video for help with registering for classes.

You should sign up for at least 12 credits to be a fulltime student. Most students plan for 14 – 16 credits in order to complete their degree in a timely manner.

“By exposing you to multiple disciplines and methods of inquiry, UCORE helps you develop intellectual and civic competencies, transferable skills, and the ability to apply knowledge and skills in the real-world settings.” For more information, visit UCORE.

There are many course options to fulfilling UCORE requirements. Some majors may require specific courses in UCORE categories, so be sure to check with your academic advisor.

There are so many career options within each major/degree area. Our Career Development Coordinator. We would love to help you!

You can find a list of academic, health, and safety resources at WSU Office of the Chancellor.

A double major means that you complete requirements for both majors, but you only receive one degree. A double degree requires the completion of 150 credits, college and major requirements for both degrees, and you’ll receive two diplomas upon completion. This typically take an additional year to complete. If you’re considering adding another major or degree, start planning early with your academic advisor.

Formal minors provide knowledge in a discipline outside of your major. Typically, minors require a minimum of 16 credit hours in a discipline. Work with your academic advisor if you have additional areas of interest.

Withdrawing means you’d like to drop a course for the current semester. Depending on when you drop a course, a withdraw might be notated on your official transcript, but will not affect your GPA. WSU students are allotted a maximum of 4 withdraws in their undergraduate career. Always consult with your advisor before withdrawing from a course as it might impact your graduation timeline and financial aid status.

There are a number of holds that are placed on your MyWSU account which will prevent you from registering for a future semester. You must get these holds removed before you can register for classes. Visit the Office of the Registrar for a list of holds and contact information.