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Your academic advisor is valuable resource and can offer insights for your academic journey. All you have to do is ask.

Some sample questions you could ask your advisor

What is your role as my academic advisor?

What is my role and what are my responsibilities?

If I don’t know what I want to major in, what classes might help me figure it out? 

When and how do I register for my classes each semester?

How many classes should I take each semester?

What is UCORE and how does it complement my degree?

Based on my interests and goals, what UCORE or elective courses would you recommend? 

What academic goals should I set for myself?

What are the requirements for this major/degree?

How flexible is this major/degree? 

Do classes need to be taken in a specific order or are there certain sequences/orders that would help me do better academically?

Do I have room in my schedule/plan to take some classes “just for fun”? 

If so, what classes do students tell you they loved and recommend to others?

I want to graduate in ____ years or ____ semesters.  Is that realistic? 

What do I need to do to accomplish this goal?

What skills will this major/degree help me develop?

As a student majoring in this program, am I assigned to a faculty mentor? 

If not, do you suggest I seek one out for myself? 

If so, can you help me to do this successfully?

What types of careers can I pursue with this major/degree? 

Will my degree prepare me for my career goal or will I need to consider professional or graduate school after earning my baccalaureate degree from WSU? 

If so, how do I prepare for professional or graduate school?

Can I change my major/degree?  If so, how?

What other campus resources do you suggest I utilize? 

If I am struggling academically or personally, what resources are available to help me?

What is the difference between a double major and a double degree? 

Would you recommend either of them for me?

What is a minor?  Should I consider a minor? 

If so, do you have suggestions/recommendations based on my interests, goals, and career path?

What does it mean to withdraw from a class? 

What happens if I choose to withdraw from a class?

I have a “registration hold” on my account.  Can you help me understand what that means?

What kind of co-curricular or high-impact opportunities would benefit me and help me develop skills or professional connections? What resources are available to me to find these opportunities? 

Are there any scholarship opportunities for me as a College of Arts and Sciences student?

If so, how do I go about applying for these opportunities?

Any advice or tips for me that I haven’t asked about?