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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Studies

Honors Classes

Sciences and Mathematics

Highly motivated undergraduate students interested in sciences or mathematics are encouraged to enroll in our honors classes. Taught by some of Washington State University’s best faculty, these specially designed courses offer enriched content, small class size, and team projects.

Chemical Principles (Chem 115/116)

Designed for students with a strong high school math and science background, Chemistry 115 and 116 offer more open-ended and challenging lab experiments, access to special equipment not available in larger classes, and the use of computers to collect and process data. Students planning to major in chemistry, or to take at least two semesters of chemistry for another major, should consider these classes.

Honors Calculus (Math 182/283)

The level of difficulty corresponds to standard courses and the same topics are covered, however, increased attention is given to conceptual development, methods of reasoning and problem solving, historical examples, contemporary applications, and the role of computers and technology. Good mathematics performance and a semester of calculus is required before enrollment.

Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Physics 205/206)

Designed for highly motivated students interested in experimental demonstrations, Physics 205/206 is a calculus-based physics course focused on mechanics, sound, and heat. The class stresses problem solving, in-depth understanding of physical concepts, and includes exercises on computers using Mathematica that provide deeper insight into assigned problems and questions.

Science as a Way of Knowing (Honors 290)

Students explore theories from an array of scientific disciplines (including geology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics) in a way that emphasizes the role of empirical evidence and argumentation in advancing our understanding of natural processes. Coursework includes exploration of how scientific knowledge is acquired, refined and advanced, and provides hands-on experience with scientific scholarship. Recommended for engineering majors and natural, physical or life science majors.

WSU Honors College

An enriched, four-year core curriculum for high-achieving students in any major who enjoy the challenges of an engaged academic community.

Admission to the WSU Honors College is competitive and requires an additional application.