Keys 4 Success: Academics, Experience, Skills, Networking.

Skills 4 Success


The acquisition of knowledge and the ability to apply what you learn to real world situations. Numerous resources are available to make learning come alive and be applicable beyond the classroom.


Experience is what you know and gain from observing, encountering, and doing. Experience comes not only from the classroom, but also from extracurricular activities that develop and demonstrate transferable skills valued by employers.


Competency, talent, the ability to do things well. Skills come from your experiences, knowledge, and practice. It is not enough to just know things. Your potential for success increases when you possess the skills to communicate well, both verbally and in writing. Organizational, reasoning, teamwork, and leadership skills are also outstanding assets.


A network is a group of people with something in common. Networks may be formal or informal, and can be based on any common threads such as professional goals, personal interests, or your field of study. People in a network provide assistance to each other in many ways.

  • Meet with faculty mentors or current instructors to discuss opportunities for further engagement in your field of study, graduate education, internship opportunities, and future career plans
  • Request letters of recommendation
    • Find ways to connect with faculty in meaningful ways
    • Meet with or email your academic advisor for ideas and information
  • Engage with scholarship sponsors; apply or ask your professors to nominate you for scholarships. Review college and departmental scholarship opportunities
  • Attend Career Expos and Fairs
Students participate in History 305 class.
Students participate in Historical Geography Global Perspective class.
Brynden Riggan works on his experiments on glass as a storage device for nuclear materials.
CAS WOW Week of Welcome Kick-Off Event.
Students in MBioS 402 Genetics lab.
Student working in printmaking lab.
Students in class.
CAS WOW Week of Welcome Kick-Off Event.