UCORE and You

Designed to complement the focused requirements of your primary area of study, the University Core Requirements (known as UCORE) help you acquire broad knowledge of the world and widely applicable skills and competencies.

UCORE courses are opportunities to expand your education by exploring interests outside your major, enhancing transferable skills such as critical and creative thinking, communication, and information literacy, and preparing you for citizenship in a free society.

You have considerable flexibility in which courses you choose for each of the six UCORE categories:

  • First-Year Experience provides you with a common intellectual foundation for college learning.
  • Foundational Competencies in communication, writing, and quantitative reasoning.
  • Inquiry: Ways of Knowing spans arts, humanities, biological and physical sciences, and social sciences.
  • Diversity introduces differences, similarities, and connections among cultures as well as social and cultural contexts and interactions across the globe.
  • Equity and Justice introduces intellectual tools and social contexts necessary to critically examine how inequalities are produced, sustained, and adapted across time and/or geography.
  • Integrative Learning brings together your newly expanded skills and learning for a substantial, culminating research, applied, or creative project, usually in your last year of study.