A science student working in the lab holds a pipette over a small beaker.

General Studies: Sciences Degree Plan

Degree Options

  • Bachelor of Science
  • General Studies—Biological Sciences
  • General Studies—Mathematics
  • General Studies—Physical Sciences

Admission to the Major Requirements

A student may be admitted as General Studies Science majors upon declaring their intent to the department.

Suggested Classes for First-year Students

Two science classes or one science and one math, plus two non-science classes each semester

Suggested Classes for Transfer Students                

Biology or physical sciences or mathematics/statistics courses and electives

Math Requirement        

Determined by program of study.

Core Courses    

No core requirements

Students must plan a program in consultation with an advisor

Student Clubs of Interest

  • Chemistry Club
  • Physics and Astronomy Club
  • Zoology Club
  • Math Club
  • Raptor Club and Rehabilitation Program
  • Pre-Health Professions:
  • Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)
  • Pre-Dental Club
  • Pre-Health Club
  • Pre-Nursing Club: Rho Nu
  • Pre-Pharmacy Club
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Club
  • Pre-PT/OT Club
  • Pre-Vet Club (AKA Organization of Future Veterinarians)

Keys to Degree

  • General studies degrees are for students who have interests that extend across traditional disciplinary boundaries and for students who cannot meet the degree requirements of disciplinary majors.
  • General studies degree options allow students to play a major role in determining a curriculum of study.
  • Each option has two plans for study: Plan A and Plan B.
  • Plan A programs of study have two primary concentrations and require 24 semester credits in a primary concentration and 15 semester credits in a secondary concentration.
  • Plan B programs of study have three related areas of concentration and require at least nine semester credits in each area of concentration.

Career Options

Medical and dental careers that fit the specialty programs created by students

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