A group of Human Biology students wearing nitrile gloves, lab coats, and goggles, work in the lab.

Human Biology Degree Plan

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


See minors in Biology and Anthropology

Admission to the Major

Students may be admitted to the major by declaring their intent.

Suggested Classes for First-year Students

  • ANTH 203 [DIVR] Global Cultural Diversity
  • BIO 106 [BSCI] Introductory Biology: Organismal Biology
  • CHEM 102 Chemistry Related to Life Sciences
  • STAT 212 [QUAN] Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • Suggested Classes for Transfer Students
  • ANTH 260 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  • ANTH 268 [BSCI] Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature
  • BIO 251 Introductory Human Physiology
  • BIO 354 Human Anatomy for Health Occupations

Math requirement

  • STAT 212 [QUAN] Introduction to Statistical Methods

Core courses

  • ANTH 260 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  • ANTH 268 [BSCI] Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature
  • ANTH 405 Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 464 [CAPS] Hormones and Human Reproduction
  • ANTH 490 [CAPS] [M] Integrative Themes in Anthropology
  • BIO 395 Evolutionary Medicine
  • BIO 335 [M] Genome Biology
  • BIO 403 Evolutionary Biology
  • BIO 473 [CAPS] [M] Evolution and Society

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Program Strengths

  • Melds approaches and content from social and biological sciences to provide students with a vibrant, synthetic understanding of the roles of culture, the dynamics of natural and social systems, and the biological attributes responsible for shaping the human being.
  • The program utilizes the resources of both the anthropology and biology programs, offering students a wide range of educational and research options.
  • Flexibility in electives allows students to craft the major to their particular goals.
  • Small class size in advanced courses.
  • Gain skills useful for research and clinical practice.
  • Applicability to a wide array of careers.

Student Clubs

  • Anthropology Club
  • Biology Club

Career Options

  • Anthropologist
  • Biologist
  • Health Professional
  • Public Health
  • Social Services
  • Epidemiology
  • Biotech
  • Lab Technician