Philosophy professor walking with a student outdoors.

Philosophy Degree Plan

Degree Options

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • General Philosophy
  • Philosophy Pre-Law


  • Philosophy
  • Ethics

Admission to the Major Requirements

Students may be admitted as a Philosophy major upon declaring their intent to the department.
Suggested Classes for Freshmen

  • PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 200: Critical Thinking and Writing
  • PHIL 201: Elementary Logic
  • Complete UCORE requirements

Suggested Classes for Transfer Students

Meet with advisor to determine which courses are needed

Math Requirement

  • Any UCORE, most commonly:
  • MATH 105: Exploring Mathematics
  • MATH 212: Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • PHIL 201: Elementary Logic (strongly recommended)

Core Courses

  • PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
    OR PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 200: Critical Thinking and Writing
  • PHIL 201: Elementary Logic

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Program Strengths

  • Philosophy Majors, on average, perform better than any other major on professional and graduate school admission tests that are required for admission to law school, medical school, business administration program, and graduate school. (GRE, LSAT, and GMAT)
  • Our majors enable students to explore critically a variety of systems of beliefs and values (to include their own), to take big problems, break them down into smaller, more fundamental problems in order to find solutions, and to develop critical thinking and communication skills. All three of these skills are in high demand and central to success in all professions.
  • Our recent graduates have attended law school at Penn State, University of Virginia, Georgetown; medical school at University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins; and graduate school – PhD in Philosophy at Boston College, Indiana University and at the University of Miami.
  • The Potter Lecture brings an internationally known philosopher to Washington State University each year. Former Potter lecturers include Noam Chomsky, Bernard Rollin, and Daniel C. Dennett.

Student Clubs

  • Ethics Bowl
  • Philosophy Club
  • Mock Trial Team

Career Options

  • Law
  • Health Professionals
  • Information Technology
  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Ministry
  • Medical Ethics
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Publishing
  • Writing (Technical and Entertainment)