Elly Sweet.

Elly Sweet

Excellence in Teaching by Career-Track Faculty Member

Associate Professor, Career Track
Biological Sciences, WSU Tri-Cities

Elly Sweet’s enthusiasm for teaching and her authentic student mentoring have been central to the overall success of the WSU Tri-Cities biology program.

An intentional educator focused on scientific literacy, Elly carefully plans and executes each lecture and activity. Using teaching strategies garnered from AVID and LIFT professional development programs, she creates classrooms that students find invigorating, intellectually challenging, and enjoyable.

She incorporates high engagement practices and real-world investigations, and employs interventions focused on values and social belonging. These techniques were critically important during the pandemic when a sense of community was one key to student persistence.

Elly excels in curriculum development. During the past seven years, she has taught seven high-impact courses: two campus-wide UCORE courses, four core biology courses, and one on career preparation.

She and a chemistry colleague also created a successful interdisciplinary learning community for students and instructors to foster a culture of learning and support for individual intellectual gain.

Elly doesn’t just help students succeed one class at a time. She delivers a vitally important experience in which students learn to see, and believe in, their own potential for success.