Jacob Streipel.

Jakob Streipel

Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student Award

Mathematics and Statistics

Jakob Streipel’s teaching strategy is conceptually simple but challenging to implement: engage your students in a creative, productive struggle.

An enthusiastic and passionate mathematician, Jakob teaches a wide variety of classes, from upper division courses for studious math majors to introductory classes for students who are often less prepared to learn.

He welcomes creative questions from students, especially during class time, as an opportunity to broaden the conversation about mathematical concepts. Student course evaluations for all of Jakob’s classes reveal an extraordinarily positive opinion about his teaching and what students feel they’ve learned.

Jakob’s range of instructional savvy has enriched the entire department. He has hosted qualifying exam review sessions for fellow graduate students, volunteered for undergraduate tutorial sessions, and led technology sessions for faculty during the transition to remote learning.

His thoughtful and encouraging instruction has sparked discovery, reignited joy, and made a lasting impact on hundreds of WSU students at all levels and from all backgrounds.