Nairanjana Dasgupta.

Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta

Interdisciplinary Catalyst

Mathematics and Statistics

Jan Dasgupta has been at the forefront of interdisciplinary efforts at WSU for many years. Her love of numbers coupled with her innate curiosity and strong desire to help students and colleagues reap the benefits of data-driven approaches have led to some of the most collaborative engagements imaginable.

Jan’s influence on the WSU community is tangible. In addition to founding the Center for Interdisciplinary Statistical Education and Research, she eagerly contributes her expertise to research projects ranging from statistics to mechanical engineering to food science. She is a co-PI on three NIH grants totaling more than $3.5M addressing 3D-printed bone and dental implants.

She teaches both introductory courses and advanced graduate seminars, directs the data analytics degree program, and regularly serves on PhD and master’s committees for students from education to chemistry.

On the national stage, her leadership and advocacy have proven instrumental in bringing together professional societies in diverse fields to support the new discipline of data science.

Jan’s vision of the broad benefits of data and her exceptional ability to foster collaboration toward a common goal, and for the common good, are central to her success.