Sergey Lapin.

Sergey Lapin

Mid-Career Faculty Achievement (Career Track)

Scholarly Professor, Career-Track
Mathematics and Statistics

A firm believer in translating knowledge into action, Sergey Lapin applies his mathematics expertise in the classroom and in complex research problems ranging from finances to global health.

Sergey demonstrates exceptional versatility in his teaching, delivering foundational courses, all levels of undergraduate courses for majors, and both beginning and advanced graduate courses.

A talented curriculum designer, Sergey developed a special topics graduate course where students from across the University learned first-hand how mathematics tools could be applied in their field, and he initiated several honors classes, including one on Russian culture and history.

He regularly serves as an advisor for undergraduate research projects and graduate committees, with many requests coming from outside of mathematics.

Much of Sergery’s research is similarly interdisciplinary, with publications spanning soil mechanics, blood flow, ophthalmology, wave mechanics, and economics, as well as mathematical topics such as optimization and stochastic analysis.

He currently leads two international projects: one to strengthen and enhance English language teaching in STEM in Uzbekistan, and another studying noninvasive cardiovascular monitoring with mathematicians and scientists from the U.S. and Europe.

His service to the WSU community is exemplary and inspiring, and he is a valuable member of the faculty—not only for his accomplishments so far but also for the promise of exciting things to come.