Sociology – Outstanding Senior 2020

Leslie Poppe.Leslie Poppe

Mount Vernon, Washington


  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Minor in Women’s Studies

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, and Service

  • Pullman Community Gardens at Koppel Farm: assisting with planting and upkeep of gardens at CAC and Koppel Farms during the summer
  • Regency Pullman: assisting with bingo night preparations and conversing with the residents

Internships, Employment, and Research

  • Department of Social and Health Sciences – research and data analysis: researching state government-funded programs that address transitioning foster care youth
  • Healthy Corner Store Initiative: collecting, interpreting, and presenting empirical journal articles on healthy corner store initiatives
  • Social and Economic Science Research Center – telephone interviewer

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior in Sociology
  • Herbert & Mary Neil Scholarship

Faculty Comments

“Leslie brings first-rate insight and knowledge to her courses and is always willing and able to actively engage in the sociology scholarship. She has several outstanding characteristics, but her positive and energetic attitude, hard work ethic, and passion for pursuing a career utilizing her sociology and women’s studies training in the public health field is quite remarkable and impressive. She is reliable, persistent, organized, motivated and demonstrates strong intellectual curiosity.” –Dr. Sarah Whitley

Personal Statement

I want to say “Thank you” to my husband for continuously supporting me. He has been my rock when times were difficult. I would also like to thank Sadie Ridgway who has provided me with so much support. She has mentored and challenged me to grow academically. Lastly, I would like to thank Sarah Whitley. From the first time I met her to discuss my switching to the sociology department, she showed dedication and encouragement which is something that I felt I had not experienced in my previous department. It left a long-lasting feeling of acceptance which led me to work harder than ever. Dr. Whitley has also been a great counselor, providing me with amazing opportunities to grow that I wouldn’t have had without her. I am proud to be part of the sociology department and hope that I can use the skills I’ve learned to make positive changes wherever I go.

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Sarah Whitley, clinical assistant professor, Department of Sociology
  • Sadie Ridgeway, doctoral candidate, Department of Sociology

Future Plans

Leslie and her husband will return to Mount Vernon, where she will find possible internship opportunities or employment where she can work to help women. In the future, she will pursue a master’s degree in public health so she can work in health related clinics and education programs.