Comparative Ethnic Studies – Outstanding Senior 2020

Nicklaus McHendry.

Nicklaus McHendry

Shelton, Washington


  • Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Minor in Pop Culture

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, and Service

  • Queer People of Color and Allies/Queer Intersections Association
  • March Against White Supremacy – Assistant Organizer (2017)

Internships and Employment

  • WSU Diversity Education Peer Educator: Created and hosted workshops and lectures to engage in topics that promote justice and equity
  • Teaching Assistant for CES 101 class

Undergraduate Research

  • Honors Thesis: Feminism, 9/11, and the United States Military in Captain Marvel. This research was an extension of Dr. Mary Bloodsworth-Lugo and Dr. Carmen Lugo-Lugo’s research on 9/11 and popular culture and global military philosophy.
  • Other research has focused on the limits of traditional bioethics regarding consent and psychosis, and intersectional analysis of rural poverty in the United States.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior in Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • Graduating cum laude
  • Delta Alph Pi Honor Society

Faculty Comments

“Nicklaus McHendry is not only bright but he is also one of the most compassionate students we have ever had in CES. He is eager to learn and understand the world around him. He is also eager to change the world around him. He truly can be anything he wants because he has the intellect and the tenacity to do so and the humbleness and self-doubt to make it happen. Dr. Carmen Lugo-Lugo, Professor of CES and director of the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race, calls McHendry ‘gifted’—not in the cliché way that the word is used to describe brilliant students but in a way that tells us that we have all been given a gift by getting to know Nicklaus.” –Comparative Ethnic Studies Faculty

Personal Statement

I came to WSU as a prospective engineering major back in 2016. I had dreams of joining the US Air Force and becoming an astronaut, the kind of career goal that attracts praise and affirmation from family, friends, and teachers. Then, one year in, I was introduced to the field of Comparative Ethnic Studies and the amazing faculty and staff we have here at WSU supporting the program. I saw an opportunity to devote myself to something to help and advocate for others here on Earth. In the past few years, I have developed skills as an educator, analyst, and activist that have allowed me to feel that I can see the world around me for what it is, and have the power to change it for the better in the face of unprecedented challenges and global inequality. Thank you to everyone who guided and supported me on my journey, and solidarity forever!

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Carmen Lugo-Lugo, director and professor, School of Languages, Cultures and Race
  • John Streamas, associate professor, School of Languages, Cultures, and Race
  • Matt Jeffries, director, Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center
  • Lisa Guerrero, associate professor, School of Languages, Cultures, and Race
  • Mary Bloodsworth-Lugo, professor, School of Languages, Cultures, and Race

Future Plans

Nicklaus will remain in Pullman for the next year to complete an internship and to develop a certificate program to help faculty and staff develop skills in inclusivity. He plans to attend graduate school in the future.