Anthropology – Outstanding Senior 2021

Alexis Venable

Lacey, WA

Degrees and Majors:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
  • Political Science

Magna cum laude

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, and Service

  • Sigma Kappa, Sister Assistant

Internships and Employment

  • WSU Children’s Center, Student Teacher
  • Small Wonders Childcare and Preschool, Lead Teacher

Undergraduate Research

Studied accents and people’s perception of them.

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Dena Spencer-Curtis, Academic Advising
  • Matthew Newsom, Anthropology
  • Valda Black, Anthropology
  • Shannon Tushingham, Anthropology
  • Julia Cassiniti, Anthropology

Faculty Comments

Alexis Venable was an enthusiastic learner and participant, and I noted she was particularly encouraging and gracious with fellow students during in class peer reviews. Shannon Tushingham

She was also willing to challenge herself academically. I assigned an article review, where students could choose either a pop-sci article or a peer-reviewed article, and she chose a peer-reviewed article on chimpanzee vs bonobo tool use.” Nanda Grow

“Even during Covid with classes moved online, she engaged with the material and continually reached out to make sure she was learning things properly.” Valda Black

A great student—attentive, bright, engaged with material.”  Matt Newsom

A good team player” in my Anth 390 class. Julia Cassaniti

Personal Statement

Coming in as a transfer student I was nervous I wouldn’t fit in at WSU, but as soon as classes started, I knew it was the right place for me. I’m so grateful for the college experience and the relationships I have gained at this school. I want to thank my friends, family and Sigma Kappa sisters for supporting me throughout not only my college education but supporting my personal growth as a global citizen.

Future Plans

To find a job that will allow her to explore her interests more and be open to new opportunities.  Be in a job that she wants to stay in.  She would like to travel and experience other cultures. Preparing to possibly teach overseas.