Philosophy – Outstanding Senior 2021

Christian Michael Shaffer

Houston, TX

Degree and Major:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Political Science, Pre-Law

Summa cum laude

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, and Service

  • Advocacy Initiatives:
    • “A letter to the President’s Board: A voice for Residence Hall students in times of COVID”
    • “Life After RHA: Becoming a growing leader in fields of Social Justice”
    • “WSU Life: The difficulties faced by a first-generation student”
  • Residence Hall Association, Executive President
  • Transit Advisory Group and University Parking and Transportation Task Force, Chair
  • Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls Regional Leadership Conference, Lead Conference Chair
  • Judicial Board Justice, Residence Hall Association
  • Residence Hall Ambassador
  • Freshman Student Body Representative for the Student Media Board

Internships and Employment

  • Retention Specialist, Fitness Project, Houston, TX
  • Law Firm Intern, Rapp and Krock P.C., Houston, TX
  • Teaching Assistant for Philosophy 201

Awards and Recognition

  • President’s Honor Roll Fall 2018 – Spring 2021
  • 2021 WSU President award for Leadership Recipient
  • 2019 National Residence Hall Honorary Student Leadership Advocacy Award
  • Won a bid to host PACURH 2020 Regional Leadership Conference

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Michael Goldsby, Philosophy
  • Laci Hubbard-Mattix, Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Andrew Beck, Residence Hall Ambassadors (RHA) Advisor
  • Alyssa Cove, RHA VP of Communications
  • Caitlin Butters, Friend
  • Alec Solmslie, Former RHA President

Faculty Comments

Christian Shaffer started out as the sort of student who was looking to get the best grades he could. But he became the sort of student who tries to get as much knowledge as he can out of each class. Christian exemplifies what a philosophy student should be. He reflects carefully on issues, taking into consideration a variety of perspectives and engaging thoughtfully with objections to his views. And he is able to think creatively about philosophical problems, looking for new angles on old issues. Christian is hoping to take his love of learning and his passion for justice to law school in the fall. Travis Ridout

Personal Statement

Fortis fortuna adiuvat, or Fortune favors the brave, in Latin often was a guiding principle in these three years at WSU. Though hard work and determination were necessary components to my success, it was the people who pushed me beyond my limits to help me achieve what is in front of me. Andrew Beck, my Residence Hall Association advisor, not only taught me how to be bold in my dealings, but also how to lead with ambition. He has been a part of my college journey the past two years and not only has pushed me in my advocacy efforts but has shown me how to break the ceilings that my life previously had set. My proudest experience here at WSU has been serving as the Residence Hall Association President these past two years. It not only allowed me to advocate for students on a large-scale but also has shown me drive and passion for the betterment of the people I surround myself with. Presiding over the residence halls and pursuing philanthropy and goals along with some of the greatest people I have ever met has been everything I have ever hoped for. To Alyssa, Nikolai, Caitlin, Zoe, Ellie, Emily, Joseph, Chase, Carson, Naomi, Ciera, Gus, and Sierra: I wish all of you the best and just know you were the ones that made my time here at WSU the time of a lifetime.

Future Plans

Will attend law school in the fall at Texas Tech University School of Law.

Long Term: business and corporate law; fast-pace law; to fight for small companies.