Data Analytics – Outstanding Senior 2021

Kane Anderson

Renton, WA

Degrees and Majors:

  • Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics


  • Business
  • Statistics

Magna cum laude

Internships and Employment

  • Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission
  • WSU IT Department, Washington State University

Awards and Recognition

  • Outstanding Senior – Data Analytics

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta, Data Analytics; Mathematics & Statistics
  • Jill Shafer, Academic Advising/Digital Technology & Culture
  • Ashley Fowler, girlfriend
  • Amy & Brent Anderson, parents

Faculty Comments

Kane is a multi-faceted individual. Not only is he a very capable intelligent student, he is also an artist and makes miniatures figurines. He has shared his love of art with me and I marvel at his creativity. He is a keen photographer and this year he volunteered to take pictures for the DA website as we had no pictures. The pictures of the DA website were all taken by him. Nairanjana Dasgupta

Personal Statement

Everything about the Data Analytics program was what I was looking for in a major and future career: statistics and computer science, both of which are fields that I really enjoy. Every year at WSU has been a unique experience in itself, for good and for bad, and I have fully enjoyed my time here. I thank my parents for pushing me towards the right paths in life and for supporting me along the way. I thank my girlfriend for supporting me through all of my hardships, and for dealing with all of the issues that I also carried. I love everyone who has helped me, and I thank them.

Future Plans

Kane will find a job working remotely until he and his girlfriend decide on graduate school plans.