Fine Arts – Outstanding Senior 2021

Rebekah Francise Price

Spokane Valley, WA

Degrees and Majors:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Summa cum laude

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, and Service

  • Kamiak Elementary School Mural Project
  • Created a Discord Social Group for fellow artists to have resources and groups in which to share experiences.

Internships and Employment

  • Home Restoration for Paul Davis
  • Picker, Amazon Shipping
  • Painter, Kamiak Elementary School Mural Project
  • SMT Quality Inspector at Servatron

Undergraduate Research


  • Midterm Exhibition, 2019 and 2020
  • High Five Exhibition, 2019
  • Fabric Installations Exhibition, 2019

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • David Janssen, Jr., Fine Arts
  • Joe Hedges, Fine Arts
  • Hallie Meredith, Fine Arts

Faculty Comments

Rebekah’s enthusiastic outlook makes her a natural leader. Something which the faculty has noted and appreciates as she interacts with her peers, especially those who are just beginning their Fine Arts journey at WSU.

If the inquisitiveness and energy with which Rebekah has progressed through her Fine Arts studies is any indication, she will undoubtedly be successful at any future endeavors she pursues. Fine Arts Faculty

Personal Statement

I always knew I was going to go to WSU. In high school, I came to Pullman multiple times, for multiple reasons, enough so that I knew the layout of the school and was in love with the way it looked, the buildings, and the idea of being surrounded by peers who shared my beliefs. It seemed like it was just basic knowledge that I would come here. My Uncle (who has since passed away) encouraged me, being a former student himself. Later, the knowledge that my cousin (his son) was also going at the same time as me was equally as influential. I had a lot of hopes riding on me, seeing as I was the first one to go to a university on my mother’s side in over three generations; but I work well under pressure, and I found those expectations helpful rather than stifling. I knew I was going to do well in classes and I did not expect anything other than the best from myself. If I failed, I needed to figure out why, and all the teachers at WSU in the Fine Arts department never hesitated to help me become better than where I had been before. Thus, I can only thank them for my success, because without their help and open-mindedness, I would never be where I am currently.

Future Plans

Rebekah has been accepted to the Savannah College of Arts and Design and will begin working on her master’s degree in illustration in fall 2021.