Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – Outstanding Senior 2022

Aydan Garland-Miner

Bow, WA

Degrees and Majors:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, Service

  • PERIOD, a non-profit which strives to eliminate the stigma against menstruation and provide menstrual products to those who need them
    • WSU Chapter Founder and President
    • Northwest Regional Lead
    • Rally Lead Organizer
  • Social Justice Peer Educator, Office of Outreach and Education
  • Co-Founder, Washington State for Menstrual Equity Coalition

Internships & Employment

  • Media Team, YMCA Camp Orkila

Awards & Recognition

  • Top Ten Senior for Community Service
  • Celia Forrest Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Award
  • Distinguished Services Award for Altruism and Community Service at WSU’s 2020 MLK community celebration

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Dr. Marian Sciachitano, English
  • Dr. Marvin Marcelo. Journalism & Media Production
  • Dr. John Streamas, Comparative Ethnic Studies

Faculty Comments

“Aydan Garland-Miner has been a stellar WGSS major, both in and out of the classroom. Aydan founded a chapter of PERIOD in 2018.  PERIOD is a non-profit which strives to eliminate the stigma against menstruation and provide menstrual products to those who need them. As a chapter, the group distributed over 10,000 period products to shelters and those experiencing houselessness in Pullman, Moscow, and Spokane. They hosted student-led workshops on campus and worked to begin and further local and state policy. Since founding the chapter, Aydan organized the National Period Day Rally in Seattle in 2019, co-founded the Washington for Menstrual Equity Coalition, and worked with other youth activists to pass HB 1273 which will require all Washington state schools to provide free menstrual products in their restrooms as of fall of 2023. Aydan is now working for PERIOD strengthening Northwest chapters and initiating implementation with school districts across the state with focused efforts in Cowlitz County.” –Dr. Nishant Shahani

“She serves as an inspirational example of a deeply committed student-activist who has applied her WGSS studies to the service of communities locally, regionally, and across the state of Washington. Aydan has travelled to Olympia many times and joined others in providing their testimonial support of menstrual equity bills.” –Dr. Marian Sciachitano

Personal Statement

“The people who support me are what allows me to be here, so I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the following, with the biggest thanks to my parents: Zoe Conger, Kiera Clubb, Marissa Conklin, Alexa Branch, Keiana Fountaine, Adam Olbrys, and the community made through PERIOD at WSU. A massive thank you to Pamela Thoma, Nishant Shihani, Amy Sharp, Matthew Jefferies, Leisa McCormick, Faith Lutze, Kayla Ray, and Richard Snyder for their undying support. Thank you to John Streamas for igniting our love of learning and illuminating the importance of doing so, and for your patience, encouragement, and energy. We need more professors and people like you. Thank you to Marian Sciachitano for your unparalleled and generous support, warmth, knowledge, and guidance. Thank god I took Womens Studies 101 back in 2019. Thank you to Marvin Marcelo for being the best confidant, mentor, and friend. My experience at WSU would not be the same without you. Finally, to my Grandpa, while he is no longer with us, he was one of my biggest encouragers when it came to education. He loved learning and he supported me in doing so. He was very curious about the world and we enjoyed that together.”

Future Plans

Aydan plans to continue learning piano and to keep learning for the rest of her life. Eventually she may choose to go to graduate school but will always try to create and support equity.