Fine Arts – Outstanding Senior 2022

Cristina Hilda Navarro

Los Angeles, CA

Degrees and Majors:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Honor graduation status

  • Magna cum laude

Internships and Employment

  • Undergraduate Learning Assistant

Awards & Recognition

  • Recipient, High Five Award

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Dr. Michael Holloman, Fine Arts
  • Dr. Hallie Meredith, Fine Arts

Faculty Comments

“Crissy not only takes her responsibilities seriously but she cares deeply about the students she works with. I have been teaching at WSU since 2015. Before this I taught undergraduate students at Oxford and Warwick, the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and the University of Colorado, Boulder. I would rate Crissy Navarro in the top 3% of the undergraduate students that I have taught.” –Dr. Hallie Meredith

“Crissy is caring and giving, always available when help is needed and always conscientious when working with staff and faculty. Her comprehensive efforts in both art history and the studio arts are well noted. Crissy is an exemplary student who exhibits a remarkable discipline within the studio courses, while managing competently her other academic responsibilities.” –Dr. Michael Holloman

“Her positive attitude and work ethic are absolutely admirable! The extracurricular work she has done has been a credit and service not only to her own career goals but also as an exemplary—outstanding—representative for the Fine Arts department.” –Alma Rocha, Advisor

Personal Statement

 “I’d like to say thank you so much to all the people who have helped me during my time here. Thank you to my mom and dad for supporting me from thousands of miles away and letting me FaceTime them 24/7. Thank you to my friends who’ve made life more fun, and to the faculty whom I’ve learned so much from. Looking back at my first year as a transfer student, I never expected WSU to feel so much like home. I’m really going to miss this school and will cherish all the memories I’ve made here.”

Future Plans

Following graduation, Cristina will find ways to work with art, perhaps in art museums or exhibits. She might seek work in galleries or behind-the-scenes settings—but whatever she chooses to do, one thing is certain: It will be something in art.