Music – Outstanding Senior 2022

Jadon Fickle

Richland, WA

Degrees and Majors:

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics & Astronomy


  • Mathematics

Honor graduation status

  • Cum laude

Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, Service

  • Secretary and Member, Physics Club
  • KUGR live radio show host

Internships & Employment

  • Administrative Intern, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Learning Assistant, Physics 101

Undergraduate Research

  • Electronics Lab
  • Quantum Lab
  • Experience utilizing online telescope scheduling programs to obtain images of variable RR Lyrae stars to conduct data analysis and research.

Honored Faculty and Mentors

  • Dr. Michael Allen, Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Fred Gittes, Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Nicholas Cerruti, Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Anya Guy, Physics & Astronomy

Faculty Comments

Jadon’s dissertation research was under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Allen. Jadon worked generally in time‐domain astronomy, i.e., monitoring changes in objects. This research tests a new method of distance measurement which will ultimately help determine the detailed structure and evolution of the Milky Way.” –Faculty, Physics & Astronomy

Personal Statement

I would first like to thank all of my family who have guided me to this point and have shaped my ideals and work ethics. I would also like to thank everyone at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, from the faculty to the staff to the custodians, and my fellow students as well. I have wanted to come to Washington State University since before I can remember, and I could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience. Go Cougs!”

Future Plans

Following graduation, Jadon will find a job and work in industry with telescopes and laboratory equipment. Long-term, he might seek a PhD before possibly working for NASA in jet propulsion or becoming a professor and conducting research.