Saying Thank You

Many of our College of Arts and Sciences scholarships are made possible by contributions from generous alumni and donors. Sending a thank you letter is a welcome gesture of appreciation.

Tips and ideas

Focus on one or two ideas that resonate with you and add a few details. Be concise: one page is sufficient.

Introduce yourself

Donors appreciate learning about the students receive the scholarship they helped fund—things such as where you are from or where you went to high school, or what experiences led you to choose to study at Washington State University.

Describe your present situation

What is your current class year and major at WSU?

Are you involved in student organizations or extracurricular activities?

What are you looking forward to in the coming academic year?

Are you planning on, or have you completed, an internship or research project?

Have you received any awards or honors for your academics or other interests?

Describe your goals or future plans

Donors love hearing about how the scholarship will help you in the coming year and beyond.

What does receiving the scholarship mean to you? How will it make a difference in your life?

What do you want to accomplish while attending WSU?

What you hope to do after graduation?

Where do you see your career aspirations?

Important points

Be sure to use the full name of the scholarship at least once in your letter, and the academic year you will receive the scholarship.

Use phrases such as “thank you,” “I appreciate,” and “I am grateful.”


CAS Scholarship Coordinator