Foreign Languages & Cultures Degree Plan

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Cultures

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Spanish Secondary Education
  • French Secondary Education

Professions Majors

Foreign Languages and Cultures offers professional majors in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. These are second majors only, to be combined with a primary major in another academic area.


  • Chinese
  • French
  • French/Francophone Area Studies
  • French for Design and Merchandising
  • Film Studies
  • German
  • German Area Studies
  • Global and Ethnic Narrative Traditions
  • Japanese
  • Latin American Area Studies
  • Spanish
  • Global Studies


  • Italian Language
  • Core Competencies in Spanish Language and Culture (online only)

Career Options

  • Public relations/marketing/advertising
  • International business, banking, finance
  • Travel/tourism/hospitality
  • Law enforcement
  • Health and social services
  • Publishing/editing/journalism
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Customs and immigration
  • Customer service and personnel management
  • Education/teaching
  • Science, engineering, and technology
  • Music, film, drama, photography
  • Apparel and Merchandising

Admission to the Major Requirements

Students may be admitted as Foreign Languages and Cultures majors upon declaring their intent to the department.

Suggested Classes for Freshmen

  • Appropriate level of language instruction
  • Follow the required UCORE and major requirements

Suggested Classes for Transfer Students

  • Appropriate level of language instruction
  • Meet with advisor to determine which courses are needed

Math Requirement

Any UCORE, most commonly:

  • Fin 223 [QUAN]: Personal Finance
  • Math 105: Exploring Mathematics
  • Math 212: Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • Phil 201: Elementary Logic

Core Courses

  • 204: Fourth Semester Language
  • 306: Intermediate Reading and Translation
  • 307: Intermediate Speaking and Listening
  • 308: Intermediate Grammar and Writing

Other Languages

While we currently do not offer a minor or major in Italian, the following classes can be used in the Global Studies minor and the International Area Studies major.

  • Italian 101, 102, 203, 204

Program Strengths

  • Students placing at 200 or 300 level courses may receive up to 8 departmental advanced placement credits for prior level courses, if the credits have not already been earned through AP or transfer.
  • Language Placement Testing: If a student has prior language learning, the language placement test determines placement for 101, 102, 203, or 204
  • Advising for BA in Humanities-International Area Studies, an option
  • in the general studies program, is provided in Foreign Languages and Cultures.
  • Scholarships are offered annually for new and ongoing students, and/or for study abroad.
  • Students may complete up to 12 credits a semester or 18 credits for two semesters in a study abroad program to count as coursework in their language majors
  • Students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in internship and experiential learning opportunities.

Student Clubs

  • French Club
  • Spanish Club
  • WAZZU Films Club

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