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Washington State University
CAS Connect April 2015

CAS students succeed at SURCA

teaching&learningStudents from the College of Arts and Sciences took home more than half of the awards at the 2105 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) this spring. Tallying a total of 26 awards, students presented posters of faculty-mentored research in areas ranging from art to molecular biology.

The annual poster competition provides students the opportunity to share their knowledge and advance their public speaking and demonstration skills.

“The quality of presentations made by students in disciplines across the University and the depth of knowledge they expressed about their projects was outstanding,” said Shelley Pressley, director of undergraduate research in the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Altogether, 186 WSU undergraduates presented 167 posters and set a new participation record for SURCA. The event is part of the annual WSU Showcase week of activities.

Presenters were evaluated by at least three judges using a standard rubric; the highest award is the Crimson, followed by the Gray. Early Career awards are presented to outstanding freshmen and sophomores.

The 2015 abstract book can be found on the SURCA website.

SURCA 2015 Award Winners

Art and Design
Adam Denny and Frankie Dunn, digital technology & culture
Faculty mentor: Dene Grigar, WSU-Vancouver

Engineering and Physical Sciences
Ashton Powell, chemistry
Faculty mentor: Paul Benny

James Pappas, history and humanities
Faculty mentor: Noriko Kawamura

Molecular, Cellular, and Chemical Biology
Sophie Ascaso, zoology
Faculty mentor: Kwan Hee Kim 

Jack Hyder, biological sciences
Faculty mentor: Jonel Saludes

Organismal, Population, Ecological, and Evolutionary Biology
Katie Wat, wildlife ecology & conservation sciences
Faculty mentor: Lisa Shipley

Social Sciences
Maira Birrueta, psychology and Spanish
Faculty mentor: Paul Kwon

Lauren Rachel Young, history
Faculty mentor: Lydia Gerber

Ariana Garcia, sociology and social sciences
Faculty mentor: Kathleen Rodgers

Engineering and Physical Sciences
Alexander McCue, chemistry
Faculty mentor: Aurora Clark

Joshua Johnson, history
Faculty mentor: Robin Bond

Molecular, Cellular, and Chemical Biology
Kayla Cribbin, zoology
Faculty mentor: Joanna Kelley

Miles Linde, philosophy and biochemistry
Faculty mentor: Alan Goodman

Organismal, Population, Ecological, and Evolutionary Biology
Nicholas Greene, psychology and neuroscience
Faculty mentor: Rebecca Craft

Travis King, zoology
Faculty mentor: Daniel Thornton

Scott Mitchell, biology
Faculty mentor: R. Dave Evans

Kayla Titialii, zoology
Faculty mentor: Erica Crespi

Social Sciences
Colleen Chalmers, psychology and human development
Faculty mentor: Brittany Rhoades Cooper

Melissa Halley, psychology, and David Saldivar, zoology
Faculty mentors: John Hinson and Paul Whitney

Iris Charlotte Koning, psychology
Faculty mentors: John Hinson and Paul Whitney

Amy Nusbaum, psychology
Faculty mentors: Paul Whitney and John Hinson

Early Career
Art and Design
Alyssa Korinke and Kate Palermini, digital technology & culture
Faculty mentor: Will Luers, WSU-Vancouver

Claire Thornton, history
Faculty mentor: Lydia Gerber