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Washington State University
CAS Connect September 2015

A meeting of minds for recruiting students

2015 WSU Recruitment Breakfast
Participants at this year’s Recruitment Breakfast shared challenges and strategies for connecting with new students.

Nearly 60 faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences recently joined staff from the WSU Office of Admissions in an innovative forum to exchange ideas and proven strategies for recruiting undergraduate students.

“WSU’s admissions counselors are vital links to prospective students,” said Arlene Parkay, CAS academic coordinator and organizer of the college’s annual Recruitment Breakfast. “Bringing our faculty and staff together with University recruiters provides an invaluable opportunity to share insights and develop collaborative approaches to recruiting challenges.”

Admissions counselors work with high school and transfer students based on geographic areas throughout the state and across the country. Representing the entire University, they continually seek new ways to connect prospective students directly with faculty and staff in the academic units.

Regardless of major or degree, the College of Arts and Sciences plays a significant role in every WSU student’s education. Offering 29 bachelor’s degrees with nearly 90 options or specializations, CAS provides nearly one-third of the 95 undergraduate programs available at WSU. Our college also serves as the “academic gateway” for incoming students, providing more than 50 percent of all undergraduate student credit hours of instruction and nearly 80 percent of freshman student credit hours.

2015 WSU Recruitment BreakfastDuring this year’s Recruitment Breakfast, Dean Daryll DeWald and Wendy Peterson, WSU executive director of admissions and recruitment, underscored the impact and innovative nature of the event.

2015 WSU Recruitment Breakfast“My peers at other institutions are amazed by the great partnership between the college and admissions/recruitment. It’s an original and effective approach that truly helps prospective students and their families as they make a very important decision,” Peterson said.

CAS faculty and staff, as well as alumni and current students, who would like to participate in recruitment events can contact Arlene Parkay for more information.