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Washington State University
CAS Connect January 2016

Celebrating milestone anniversaries

CAS faculty and staff received well-earned applause from the entire WSU community upon their five-year employment anniversaries, ranging from five to 35 years.*

35 Years

Jon M MallatJon M. Mallatt
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
David Scott WatkinsDavid Scott Watkins
Mathematics & Statistics

30 Years

Gary Scott Collins, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Cheryl L. Druffel, Finance Manager, Biological Sciences
Lorie Ann Druffel, Director, Technical Services
Stephen C. Langford, Instructional Laboratory Supervisor, Physics & Astronomy
Steven G. Metcalf, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry, WSU Tri-Cities
Elaine P. O’fallon, Administrative Manager, Environment
Justine Nicoll Rupp, Academic Coordinator Senior, Biological Sciences
Teresa Woolverton, Academic Coordinator, Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs

25 Years

Pamela Jean Black, Fiscal Specialist 2, Biological Sciences
Dennis Deene Dauble, Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences, WSU Tri-Cities
Keith Allen Foster, Administrative Manager, Mathematics & Statistics
Rachel J. Halverson, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Cultures
Mark G. Kuzyk, Regents’ Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Glenn E. Miller, Stores Manager, Biological Sciences
Emmett Moore, Adjunct Faculty, Environment, WSU Tri-Cities
Fredrick E. Peterson, Professor, Professional Development
Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Cultures
Mark F. Schumaker, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Carol Siegel, Professor, English and American Studies, WSU Vancouver

20 Years

Meredith Arksey, Associate Professor, Music
Joann Irene Bonner, Office Assistant 3, Anthropology
Patrick A. Carter, Professor, Biological Sciences
Matthew G. Hudelson, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Brigit Ann Farley, Associate Professor, History, WSU Tri-Cities
Lisa Fournier, Associate Professor, Psychology
Wendy Johnson, Associate Professor, English, WSU Vancouver
Carolyn Nestor Long, Associate Professor, Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs, WSU Vancouver
Faith Lutze, Professor, Criminal Justice & Criminology
April Lynn Seehafer, Student Services Coordinator, Health Professions Student Center
Sean Lyons, Administrative Manager, CAS, WSU Vancouver
Laurie K. Mercier, Professor, History, WSU Vancouver
Clayton Mosher, Professor, Sociology, WSU Vancouver
David Shier, Associate Professor, Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
Elaine Olson Vincent, Development Officer, CAS

15 Years

Trent Brown Amonett, Assistant Director, Chemistry
Kelly Michela Cassidy, Preservation & Museum Specialist 3, Biological Sciences
Lydia Gerber, Clinical Associate Professor, History
Candice Goucher, Professor, History, WSU Vancouver
Kevin James Haas, Professor, Fine Arts
Linda Heidenreich, Associate Professor, Critical Culture, Gender, & Race Studies
Edward Kenneth Johnson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Andrea Kirchner-Loewus, Instructional Laboratory Supervisor, Chemistry
Alexander Dequan Li, Professor, Chemistry
Christopher Lupke, Professor, Foreign Languages & Cultures
William G. Payne, Library & Archives Specialist, Music
Jill Lenae Schneider, Instructor, Music
Kimberly Christen Withey, Associate Professor, English

10 Years

Dana L. Baker, Associate Professor, Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs, WSU Vancouver
Lisa Carloye, Clinical Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Aurora Clark, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Nikki R. Clark, Academic Coordinator, Chemistry
Richard Elgar, Coordinator, Foley Institute for Public Policy & Public Service
Douglas Gast, Associate Professor, Fine Arts, WSU Tri-Cities
Benjamin Michael Gonzales, Clinical Assistant Professor, Music
Harry Dean Johnson, Clinical Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Brian Kraft, Assistant Director, CAS Business Development
Courtney L. Meehan, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Kris A. Nilsson, Fiscal Technician 2, Technical Services
Stacie Olsen-Wilkes, Academic Coordinator, Chemistry
Marsha Bogar Quinlan, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Robert J. Quinlan, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Jeffrey Savage, Associate Professor, Music
Karen Savage, Associate Professor, Music
Lindy Volk, Academic Coordinator, CAS, WSU Vancouver
Amanda L. Yager, Grant Information Coordinator, CAS

5 Years

Andrea Kate Aebersold, Clinical Assistant Professor, English, WSU Tri-Cities
Simon Aebersold, Instructor, English, WSU Tri-Cities
Dimitrov Alexander, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, WSU Vancouver
Avantika Bawa, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts, WSU Vancouver
Arthur Blume, Professor, Psychology, WSU Vancouver
Annette Bradstreet, Program Coordinator, CAS, WSU Vancouver
Andrea Beth Butcherite, Academic Coordinator, Criminal Justice & Criminology
Dennis Dehart, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Daryll B. Dewald, CAS Dean and Professor, Biological Sciences
Mattew Duez, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Dawn Freeman, Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 4, CAS, WSU Vancouver
Cassandra Antica Gulam, Instructor, Foreign Languages & Cultures, WSU Vancouver
Zachary K. Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Criminology
Michael James Holloman, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Duane Gale Horton, Adjunct Faculty, Environment, WSU Tri-Cities
Delores Hungerford, Instructor, Music
Michael Todd Kloth, Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts, WSU Tri-Cities
Paul Krouss, Instructor, Mathematics & Statistics, WSU Vancouver
Nora Larissa Kuster, Instructor, English, WSU Tri-Cities
William Luers, Instructor, English, WSU Vancouver
Dean Luethi, Assistant Professor, Music
Peter Reilly, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Patricia Sayer, Instructor, Biological Sciences, WSU Vancouver
Karen Schmaling, Professor, Psychology, WSU Vancouver
David Clif Stratton, Clinical Assistant Professor, History
Robin G. Stratton, Administrative Manager, Physics & Astronomy
Ryan Todd, Managing Scientific Assistant, CAS, WSU Vancouver
Carol Wilkerson, Clinical Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Cultures, WSU Tri-Cities
Duane Gale Horton, Adjunct Faculty, Environment, WSU Tri-Cities

*The CAS Communications Office endeavored to ensure the accuracy of this list. If anyone’s name was inadvertently omitted or included in error, please accept our sincere apology and kindly let us know. Many thanks~