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Physicists contribute to major cosmic discovery

LIGO gravitational wavesWSU physicists played an important role in the first-ever detection of gravitational waves.

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New statistics center to help advance research

CISER Venn diagramFrom improving the flavor of wine to monitoring dolphin behavior, CISER helps WSU researchers get results.

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Why do we wage war?

F-16A, F-15C and F-15E flying during Desert Storm. (U.S. Air Force photo)Despite terrible costs, groups of people have fought and killed one another for millennia. Can evolutionary science explain why?

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New resource for commercializing research

Entrepreneurial faculty ambassadors advance efforts to translate WSU research into goods and services that benefit the public.

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In Motion: Io Palmer reflects the complex

Io Palmer Deep Water Horizon Element 61A variety of processes and materials go into Io Palmer’s artistic explorations of complex issues facing our modern society.

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Honors and achievements

Faculty, staff, and graduate students in arts and sciences create and share knowledge across Washington and around the world.

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The business of another language

Attention - Achtung - CuidadoAdding a foreign language as a second major gives students in any discipline a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

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Spotlight your book in Crimson Reads

A salute to members of the WSU family who authored or edited a book in 2015 is also a way to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

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The Bottom Line: George Lilley, WSU’s first president, was a mathematician, and five of the University’s nine other presidents to date also earned degrees in disciplines associated with the College of Arts and Sciences: E.A. Bryan, classics; Earnest Holland, English; C. Clement French, chemistry; Glenn Terrell, psychology; and Elson S. Floyd, political science.

February 2016

Grant and fellowship support

The College of Arts and Sciences can help you with every step of the pre-award process.

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Visiting Writer Series: Justin Torres
Feb. 25

WSU Planetarium: “BIG”
Feb. 26, 28

Festival of Contemporary Art Music
March 3-8

Humanities Fellow Lecture
By Claudia Leeb
March 22

WSU Showcase
March 22-25

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