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Washington State University
CAS Connect October 2016

Connecting college to career paths

The College of Arts and Sciences is collaborating with the WSU Academic Success and Career Center to offer CAS-specific sections of UNIV 301: College Majors and Career Planning in the spring semester. This one-credit class engages undergraduate students in personal assessment and connects them with job market information, expands their research skills, and introduces them to successful alumni in a variety of professions.

The curriculum for the course is flexible and can be adapted to the interests of the students in each section. For example, the CAS versions of the course could provide guidance for the breadth of opportunities open to arts and humanities students as well as introductions to discipline-specific resources for students already focused on a scientific research career.

“We are very excited about the potential of this course to help students map their education and their interests to industries and jobs, “ said Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi, CAS associate dean for student affairs and global education and associate professor of foreign languages and cultures. “Our goal is to help students identify post-graduation opportunities before they are seniors so they can take advantage of coordinated advising and mentoring while they are still at WSU.”

Students learning career skills.The course is one of the first steps of the collaborative Student Success Initiative selected for a WSU Grand Challenges grant earlier this year. The five-year initiative aims to engage more undergraduate students in experiential learning earlier in their college careers, improve overall student success, and increase retention across the institution.

Students interested in the course need to email or call the CAS General Studies Office to verify their CAS affiliation before registering for the course: or 509-335-8731.

“We encourage all CAS faculty and staff to spread word about the program to our students,” Rodriguez-Vivaldi said. Click here for a printable flier (pdf).