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Washington State University
CAS Connect January 2015

Celebrating service milestones

CAS faculty and staff received well-earned applause from the entire WSU community upon their employment anniversaries ranging from five to 45 years.*

45 years

Don Dillman, Mrs Dillman, Pres. FloydDon A. Dillman, Regents professor of sociology (left), with his wife, Joye, received congratulations and a plaque from WSU President Elson S. Floyd in recognition of Dillman’s 45 years of distinguished service to the University.

40 years

Fran McSweeney
Frances McSweeney WSU Vice Provost and Regents Professor Psychology
David Moffett
David F. Moffett Professor Biological Sciences
Charlie Robbins, School of the Environment
Charles T. Robbins Professor Environment
Rob Ronald
Robert C. Ronald Professor Chemistry

35 years

Michael A. Jacroux, Professor, Mathematics

George E. Kennedy, Professor, English

Jon M. Mallatt, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Gary H. Thorgaard, Professor, Biological Sciences

Scot E. Wherland, Professor, Chemistry

30 years

Christine Mary Davitt, Clinical Assistant Professor, Franceschi Microscopy Center

David R. Gaylord, Professor, Environment

David James Severance, Piano Technician, Music

25 years

Jana L. Argersinger, Publications Editor, English

Gerald B. Berthiaume, Professor, Music

Marc Alexander Evans, Professor, Mathematics

Venkata Krishna Jandhyala, Professor, Mathematics

Charles Martin Knaack, Research Technologist Supervisor, Environment

Lynn T. Levy, Clinical Associate Professor, English

Valipuram S. Manoranjan, CAS Associate Dean and Professor, Mathematics

Anne Marie Smith, Finance/Personnel Manager, English

Orlan J. Svingen, Professor, History

Dana D. Torgeson, Administrative Manager, Criminal Justice & Criminology

20 years

Lori Jo Bruce, Principal Assistant and Coordinator, Chemistry

Roger Y. M. Chan, Instructor, History

Laura E. Krueger, Fiscal Specialist 2, Physics & Astronomy

Haijun Li, Professor, Mathematics

Valerie Jean Lynch-Holm, Electron Microscope Technician 3, Franceschi Microscopy Center

Francisco Manzo-Robledo, Professor, Foreign Languages & Cultures

Penny J. Pannell, Office Assistant 3, Mathematics

Kirk Peterson, Professor, Chemistry

John Thomas Preston, Professor, Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs

Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Professor, Psychology

Steven L. Tomsovic, Professor, Physics & Astronomy

David Ray Turnbull, Associate Professor, Music

Terry Lynn Wagoner, Information Technology Specialist 3, Mathematics

15 years

Kristin K. Boreen, Finance/Budget Manager, Physics & Astronomy

Craig Patrick Holland, Information Technology Specialist 3, Mathematics

Wade Lynn Lafferty, Information Systems Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Jeremy J. Lessmann, Clinical Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Jeanette Clayton Martin, Senior Instructor, Mathematics

Claudia Marie Pacioni, Instructor, Mathematics

Raymond Quock, Professor, Psychology

Samantha Swindell, ,Clinical Associate Professor, Psychology

Cecil J. Williams, Information Systems Coordinator, Foreign Languages & Cultures

Hong-Ming Yin, Professor, Mathematics

10 years

Paul Benny, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Gabriel Eugene Brannan, Associate Director, CAS Development

Beth Renee Buyserie, Clinical Assistant Professor, English

Donna Marie Campbell, Associate Professor, English

Yung-Hwa Anna Chow, Academic Coordinator/Advisor 3, General Studies

Brandon Joe Cridlebaugh, Instructor, Biological Sciences

Melissa Anne Goodman Elgar, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Peter W. Engels, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Dawn Noel Gauthier, Assistant Director, CAS Development

Tanya Ana Gonzales, Program Coordinator, English

Lisa Guerrero, Associate Professor, Critical Culture, Gender, & Race Studies

Benjamin Harlow, Scientific Assistant Senior, Biological Sciences

Christine Horne, Professor, Sociology

Douglas James Juneau, Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Bala Krishnamoorthy, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Robert R. McCoy, Associate Professor, History

Jeanne Louise McHale, Professor, Chemistry

Nickolus Lee Meisel, Associate Professor, Fine Arts

Frances E. Meserve, Administrative Assistant 4, CAS Dean’s Office

Mary Danita Ohnemus, Academic Coordinator, Psychology

Maria S. Previto, Clinical Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Cultures

Krista L. Ryan, Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 2, Biological Sciences

5 years

Yvonne Berliner, Instructor, History

Peter Guy Boag, Professor, History

Mary Frances Cody. Fiscal Officer/Management Analyst, Institute for Shock Physics

Elijah M. Coleman, Instructor, English

Seth Michael Davis, Instructor, Psychology

Brent Erwin Edwards, Instructor, Music

Katherine Teresa Ericsson, Instructor, English

Shawna Ruth Herzog, Instructor, History

Allison Lucile Matthews, Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychology

Jessica E. McCarthy, Instructor, English

Lee Ann Powell, Instructor, History

Rachel Marie Sanchez, Instructor, English

Lenora Marie Waelti, Instructor, Biological Sciences

*The CAS Communications Office endeavored to ensure the accuracy of this list. If anyone’s name was inadvertently omitted or included in error, please accept our sincere apology and kindly let us know. Many thanks~