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Washington State University
CAS Connect November-December 2014

Online criminal justice degree ranks best in nation

The online criminal justice bachelor’s degree at WSU is the best nonprofit program in the nation, according to a new ranking by Criminal Justice Degree Online.

The group emphasized its thorough methodology:

“To reach number one, a program had to pass a gauntlet of tests: be a part of a university with stellar graduation and retention rates, provide more department resources than others, amaze us with useful answers to our survey, and even answer more questions over the phone. WSU did it all.”

WSU online crmj degree webpageThe group praised the faculty’s strong professional affiliations and found that the criminal justice program had the nation’s 9th-highest graduation rate and 12th-highest retention rate, as well as high placement in rankings from U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, and Washington Monthly.

It also said the responses from WSU Global Campus admissions counselor Emily Chandler were the “most informative and sincere” of their entire survey.

Chandler said the group took a “secret shopper” approach to the survey.

“I had no idea that I had spoken with any reviewers – they must have posed as a prospective student,” she said. “I do my best to always give thorough and sincere answers, but the credit really belongs to our WSU faculty and to the Global Campus as a whole.”

Faculty in the criminal justice department are experts in policing, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice. Professors work with a variety of criminal justice agencies on research projects and assist students in obtaining internships and experience working in the criminal justice system.

Craig Hemmens
Craig Hemmens

The department is dedicated to ensuring a world-class education for all students, with the same faculty-designed classes taught online and on campus in Pullman, said Craig Hemmens, professor and chair. “We take seriously our mission to educate the next generation of justice professionals and policymakers, and to make sure they have the knowledge necessary to make the criminal justice system the best it can be.”

The online criminal justice program also has been ranked in the nation’s top 10 by Create a Career, Best Colleges, and The Best Schools. For more information, please visit the Global Campus website.