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Washington State University
CAS Connect September 2014

Welcome new CAS faculty

Enjoy getting to know many of the newest members of CAS faculty whose disciplinary expertise—from environmental politics to wind band literature to resonant x-ray techniques—enriches and expands the arts and sciences community at WSU. And watch for more faculty bios to be added in coming months.

Jenifer Barclay

Research and teaching interests: The intersection of race, gender, and disability historically and in an interdisciplinary, global perspective

Previous post: WSU, visiting assistant professor

Education and training: PhD, History, Michigan State University; MA, History, University of Akron; BA, History, Slippery Rock University

Honors and achievements: Postdoctoral fellow in African American Studies, Case Western Reserve University (2011-12); pre-doctoral fellow, University of Virginia Carter G. Woodson Institute of African and African American Studies (2009-11)

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my two children and our two dogs, reading, baking, and traveling.


Assistant Professor
Dept. of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Troy Bennefield

Research and teaching interests: Composer/conductor relationships; wind band literature and history; creating wind band transcriptions; serving as director of the Cougar Marching Band and conductor of the WSU Symphonic Band; assisting with Wind Ensemble, conducting lessons, and music education classes

Previous post: University of Washington

Education and training: DMA, Conducting, and MM, Percussion Performance, University of Oklahoma; BSE, Music Education, University of Alabama

Honors and achievements: Published inGeorgia Music News and The Instrumentalist; presented clinics in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Washington; Teacher of the Year 2007, Alpharetta (GA) High School

Outside of work, I enjoy life with my wife and two dogs, anticipation of our first child, cooking, wine, and sports.

Troy Bennefield

Director of Athletic Bands, Associate Director of Bands
School of Music

Ashley Boyd

Research and teaching interests: Issues related to social justice in the secondary English classroom; critical and new literacy studies; cultural studies in education

Previous post: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Education and training: PhD, Education, MAT, English Education, and BA, English, UNC-Chapel Hill

Honors and achievements: 2014 Graduate Student Research Excellence Award, American Educational Research Association: Media, Culture and Curriculum Special Interest Group

Outside of work, I enjoy Carolina basketball, running, spending time with family and friends, and reading.

Ashley Boyd

Assistant Professor
Dept. of English

Brian Collins

Research and teaching interests: How nanostructures of organic molecules and polymers govern their optoelectronic properties when used in organic devices such as solar cells and transistors. Toward this goal, I develop novel resonant X-ray techniques that uniquely measure ordering in these materials

Previous post: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Education and training: PhD and MS, Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; BA, Physics, Gustavus Adolphus College

Honors and achievements: Elected to User Executive Committee, Advanced Light Source, Berkeley National Laboratory; research fellowship, National Research Council; chapter on “Organic Photovoltaic Morphology” in Organic Photovoltaic Devices

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my three girls Sophie (5), Lucy (almost 3), and Violet (4 mo). I also enjoy singing and playing the piano as well as camping and hiking.

Brian Collins

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Carrie Cuttler

Research and teaching interests: Individual differences in prospective memory (remembering to do things) by targeting populations (cannabis users, compulsive checkers), traits (impulsiveness), and states (anxiety) associated with prospective memory problems; teaching research methods, statistics, and abnormal psychology

Previous post: Concordia University

Education and training: Postdoctoral research fellowship, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia; PhD, MA, and BA, Psychology, University of British Columbia

Honors and achievements: Scientific Achievement Award; International Cannabinoid Research Society Brain Star Award; Canadian Institutes of Health Research Dissertation Award; Canadian Psychological Association Books: Student Guide to SPSS (2nd Ed.), Research Methods in Psychology: Student Lab Guide

Outside of work, I enjoy baking, reading, traveling, and spending time with my husband and our son.

Carrie Cuttler

Clinical Assistant Professor
Dept. of Psychology

Ursula Fittschen

Research and teaching interests: Analytical chemistry; interaction of X-ray and matter: trace elemental determination and spatial and time resolved microanalysis using XRF related techniques (laboratory and synchrotron sources)

Previous post: University of Hamburg, Germany

Education and training: PhD, Natural Science Habilitation in Analytical Chemistry, and diploma, Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany

Honors and achievements: X-ray Spectrometry Best Reviewer Award 2013;Spectrochimica Acta Part B reviews editor

Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors, family, and sailing.

Ursula Fittschen

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Chemistry

Michael McNeil Forbes

Research and teaching interests: Quantum many-body theory, superfluid dynamics, nuclear physics with astrophysics applications, dark matter, and QCD; all aspects of effective teaching, especially using numerical techniques to aid understanding and learning

Previous post: University of Washington

Education and training: PhD, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS, Physics, University of British Columbia; BS, Combined Honours Computer Science and Physics, University of British Columbia

Honors and achievements: “Quantized Superfluid Vortex Rings in the Unitary Fermi Gas,” Physics Review Letters 112 (2014); “Strength of the Vortex-Pinning Interaction from Real-Time Dynamics,” Physics ReviewLetters 110 (2013)

Outside of work, I enjoy music (playing piano and singing in choirs), downhill and telemark skiing, cycling, cooking, and specialty coffee.

Michael Forbes

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Caren Goldberg

Research and teaching interests:Addressing conservation challenges using quantitative spatial and genetic analyses; amphibian and reptile ecology; predicting landscape change; interdisciplinary science

Previous post: University of Idaho

Education and training: PhD, University of Idaho; MS, University of Arizona; BA, University of California at Berkeley

Honors and achievements: Development of environmental DNA detection of amphibians in stream systems, with publication highlighted in 2013 Horizon Scan of Global Conservation Issues; participating in multi-year interdisciplinary team project predicting patterns and social/ecological impacts of landscape change

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, and spending time with my husband, friends, and pets.

Caren Goldberg

Assistant Professor
School of the Environment

Stephanie Hampton

Research and teaching interests: Effects of global change on freshwater ecosystems; statistical analysis of long-term ecological data; sociocultural aspects of scientific collaboration; environmental informatics

Previous post: University of California, Santa Barbara

Education and training: PhD, Dartmouth College; MS, University of Nevada–Las Vegas; BA, University of Kansas

Honors and achievements: Leadership in large national projects to foster collaborative synthesis and sharing of scientific data, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis and DataONE, supported by the National Science Foundation; Kaeser Scholar (UW-Madison) and “Big Data” plenary speaker (St. Olaf), 2014

Outside of work, I enjoy running, cooking, SCUBA diving, snowboarding, sailing our big wooden schooner, karaoke, 1970s muscle cars, spending time with our dog, and swapping stories with friends.

Stephanie Hampton

School of the Environment
Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach (CEREO)

James “Jim” Hawreliak

Research and teaching interests: Dynamic compression science is a multidisciplinary field studying material states from condensed matter to radiation-dominated plasmas. I study from the atomic length scale (shock thickness) up to km (supernova). The field excites me every day with new challenges new discoveries.

Previous post: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Education and training: PhD, Atomic and Laser Physics, University of Oxford; MS, Nuclear Engineering University of California – Berkeley; BS, Engineering Physics, University of Alberta

Outside of work, I enjoy learning from my children about how beautifully complex the world around us is, and trying to beat them at the newest video game.

James Hawreliak

Associate Professor
Institute for Shock Physics

Jolyon “JT” Hughes

Research and teaching interests: Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival; German medieval literature; history of Germanic languages; translation studies; German for business; Black Forest trachten

Previous post: Colorado State University

Education and training: MS Public Relations (expected 2014), Colorado State University; Core Business Competencies, CSU; PhD, German/Medieval Studies, University of Florida; MA, German, CSU; BA, German, Illinois State University

Honors and achievements: Best Teacher Award 2010, CSU; “Battlefield Medicine,”The Journal of Medieval Military History, Vol. VIII, 2010; “The Annette von Drosteshoff Syndrome,” 2014

Outside of work, I enjoy being with my family, playing guitar when time allows, and traveling.

Jolyon Hughes

Professor and Chair
Dept. of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Shiv Karunakaran

Research and teaching interests:Mathematics education; mathematical reasoning, proving and argumentation; post-secondary mathematics teaching and learning, specifically undergraduate students’, graduate students’ and mathematicians’ use of knowledge in the doing of mathematics

Previous post: The Pennsylvania State University

Education and training: PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Penn State; MS, Mathematics, Miami University of Ohio; AB, Mathematics, Wabash College

Honors and achievements: “Improving pre-service secondary mathematics teachers’ capability with generic example proofs” with B. Freeburn, N. Konuk, and F. Arbaugh, inMathematics Teacher Educator, 2014; Mid-Atlantic Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning Fellowship (2006-2012)

Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors. My fiancé and I also like playing with our dog, hiking, playing tennis and golf, and riding motorcycles. We love to travel as much as possible in the States and abroad.

Shiv Karunakaran

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Mathematics

Stephen “Steve” Katz

Research and teaching interests: Resource ecology and management; informatics, conservation biology; marine biology; fisheries ecology; biostatistics; physiology; biomechanics; fluid dynamics; microfluidics engineering; science and research diving

Previous post: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Education and training: PhD, Zoology/Biomechanics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; BA, Biological Sciences, Occidental College

Honors and achievements: Authored “Long-Distance Climate Teleconnection Deciphered through Non-Stationary Long-Term Environmental Data in Siberia,” PLoSONE6(2): e14688, with S.E. Hampton, L.R. Izmesteva, MV Moore (2011)

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling, ice hockey, eating my wife’s cooking, re-rigging tall ships, and my dog, Fisher.

Stephen Katz

Associate Professor
School of the Environment

Emily Huddart Kennedy

Research and teaching interests:Environmental sociology; sustainable consumption; food studies; environmental politics; qualitative methods; quantitative methods

Previous post: University of Alberta

Education and training: PhD, Rural Sociology, University of Alberta; MS, Environmental Sociology, University of New Brunswick; BS, Natural Resources Conservation, University of British Columbia

Honors and achievements: “Egregious emitters: Disproportionality in household carbon footprints,” Environment and Behavior, 2014; “Downshifting: An exploration of motivations, quality of life, and environmental practices,” Sociological Forum, 2013; “Rethinking ecological citizenship,” Environmental Politics, 2011

Outside of work, I enjoy running, hiking, cycling, playing soccer, and relaxing with my partner, Mike, and our children, Maya and Oliver.

Emily Huddart Kennedy

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Sociology

Hans-Henning “Henning” Kunz

Research and teaching interests: Plant membrane transport proteins crucial for proper chloroplast function; plant physiology, cell biology, and modern microscopy methods

Previous post: University of California, San Diego

Education and training: Postdoctoral fellow, University of California, San Diego; PhD, University of Cologne, Germany; MSc, Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Germany

Honors and achievements: AuthoredPlastidial Transporters KEA1, -2, AND -3 Are Essential for Chloroplast Osmoregulation, Integrity, and PH Regulation in Aribidopsis; won Strasburger Prize of the German Botanical Society Awards; accepted to Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation and The Human Frontier Science Program

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and kids, hiking, and photography.

Hans-Henning Kunz

Assistant Professor
School of Biological Sciences


David Y. Lee

Research and teaching interests: In-situ scanning tunneling microscopy; study of (1) gas-surface interactions on graphene, (2) surface catalyzed polymerization, and (3) surface photochemistry on metal oxides

Previous post: University of Notre Dame

Education and training: PhD, Physical Chemistry, Cornell University; MS, Organic Chemistry, and BS Chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology

Honors and achievements: “Perspective: Reactivity of Gas-Phase Radicals with Organic Surfaces” with N. A. Kautz and S. A. Kandel. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters(2013); “A resistive Pyrolytic Radical Source for Gas-Surface Reaction Studies” with M. M. Jobbins and S. A. Kandel, Review of Scientific Instruments (2012)

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and playing the piano.

David Y Lee

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Chemistry

Katrina Leupp

Research and teaching interests: Work and family, gender, health, family demography, inequality, quantitative methods

Previous post: University of Washington

Education and training: PhD and MA, Sociology, University of Washington; BA, Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Honors and achievements:  “Egalitarianism, Housework, and Sexual Frequency in Marriage,” American Sociological Review78(1) 26-50, 2013, with Sabino Kornrich and Julie Brines

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and camping in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and look forward to exploring new trails near Vancouver, Wash., this year.

Katrina Leupp

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Sociology, WSU Vancouver

Shannon Scott

Research and teaching interests: Clarinet solo; chamber and orchestral performance; historical performance practice; newly composed music; flute/clarinet performance and recording; teaching methods and practices; teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate research and writing

Previous post: WSU

Education and training: DM, Northwestern University; MM, Yale University; Prix de Virtuosité, Ecole Nationale de Musique, Marcel Dupré, Meudon, France; Diplome Superieur de Musique, Ecole Normale de Musique, Paris, France; BM, The Juilliard School, New York

Honors and achievements: Perennials, Scott-Garrison Duo, with Rajung Yang, piano, music by Daniel Dorff, Albany Records Troy 1404; Eastern Music Festival 50th Anniversary CDs, Gerard Schwarz, Conductor, Shannon Scott, Principal Clarinet;Barn Dances, Scott-Garrison Duo, Albany Records Troy 1234

Outside of work, I enjoy my family: husband, Leonard Garrison (U Idaho School of Music); son, Arthur Garrison, just returned from junior high school year in Reims, France; Xena the golden retriever; Zoe the chocolate lab; hiking; and camping.

Shannon Scott

Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator
School of Music