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Washington State University
CAS Connect Summer 2015

Remembering WSU President Elson S. Floyd

The faculty, staff, and students of the College of Arts and Sciences were deeply saddened to learn of President Floyd’s passing on Saturday, June 20. He was an energetic leader whose personal dedication to higher education—and to WSU in particular—was unwavering.

 Elson S. Floyd, WSU President, 2007-2015
Elson S. Floyd, WSU President, 2007-2015

His initiative to reunite the arts and sciences into one college created a robust academic core for the University, enabled innovative and interdisciplinary research and creative activities to thrive, and provided countless opportunities for students.

In an era focused on science and technology, President Floyd recognized the value of a broad liberal-arts education and the importance of providing students with foundational knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their careers and in their communities.

On a personal note, President Floyd’s support and encouragement inspired me to focus on serving our students and the opportunity that we as faculty and staff have to change their lives for the better. He led by example and his understated expectation of excellence had a profound impact on us all.

As we welcome new students to the Cougar family this summer, we will miss his leadership, his vision, and his ready smile. In the years to come, as each diploma is earned, his legacy will continue to shine.

Daryll DeWald