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For CAS Faculty and Staff Communications Toolkit

Promoting an Event

Pre-event publicity is important for attracting an audience and for building awareness of your department or program and enhancing its prestige.

Depending on the anticipated size of the event and other variables, CAS Communications may be able to assist you with developing an effective publicity plan and promotional materials. The sooner you alert us of your event plans, the more helpful we can be—the amount of assistance we can provide is directly proportional to the amount of advance notice you provide.

Cost-based publicity items, such as printed materials, may be needed to adequately promote larger events. CAS Communications can help you optimize promotion of high-profile events according to your budget.

Tools available

Things to keep in mind

  • Event & promotion planning should begin at least 8 weeks in advance; focused publicity should begin 3-4 weeks in advance.
  • No single promotional channel or tool is 100% effective—you’ll get better results using a variety of channels.
  • The larger and more significant the event, the earlier you should start planning and publicizing, and the more diverse your promotional channels should be.
  • Consult the WSU Calendar as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Post your event info as soon as possible and update when/if needed.
  • For large events, CAS Communications can help with promotion planning and execution; most smaller and special-interest events can be adequately promoted via online calendars, WSU Announcements, and other free, DIY channels.