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For CAS Faculty and Staff Communications Toolkit


Sometimes your news and information is more appropriate for a discipline-specific audience. An electronic newsletter is a cost-effective way to reach colleagues and alumni who share your interests.

CAS Communications is available to set up the framework for unit-specific newsletters, serve as a guide during the content creation process, provide proofreading and editing support, and facilitate email distribution.

Sample academic unit newsletters include:

Getting started

Identify a content manager within your unit

Experience has shown that units with a designated content manager are more successful with their e-newsletters. Having a single faculty member, staff person, or graduate student who is responsible for collecting, creating, and/or initially editing all of the content keeps the project on track and manageable.

Contact your unit liaison and the web coordinator

Let us know you are interested in creating an e-newsletter. We’ll set up the initial framework and begin training your content manager.

Plan ahead

The first issue will take the longest and the concept-to-delivery time frame depends on the amount and scope of your content as well as the level of collaboration within your unit. In general, count on 10-12 weeks to get your first issue published.

Most units publish once or twice per academic year; a few include a summer issue. Your frequency will depend on the amount of time your content manager and others can devote to developing  each issue.


How do we email the newsletter to our alumni?

Once your content has been proofread and approved, we’ll work with you to produce an HTML email that matches your design elements and introduces the content to your readers. The email is tested and then distributed via in–house software to an email list provided by the WSU Foundation via CAS Communications.

What are the costs to the unit?

At this time, CAS Communications will cover the costs of template design, HTML email creation, and distribution for up to two issues per year per unit.

Will the unit need any other software?

Photoshop is recommended for resizing photographs and other artwork.