Creative Vancougs

photo of clouds in a valley by T.RiordanThe Salmon Creek Journal’s Annual Photo Competition, Travel Cafe, features the Vancouver campus community’s best shots from around the world. Submissions for this year’s theme of “Bliss” included images of beautiful landscapes, interesting uses of light and reflection, as well as the joy of human interaction.

Turtle Row
“Turtle Row” by Jeehoon Jung.
Do Look Down
“Do Look Down” by Taylor Nicole Jones
Above the Clouds
“Above the Clouds” by Taylor Riordan
The Geminids Trail
“The Geminids Trail” by Faun Scurlock
Un Dibattito Amichevole
“Un Dibattito Amichevole” by Eduardo Ramos
“Shine” by Adeena Rose Wade
Upside Down
“Upside Down” by Nicholas Benko
Latrabjarb Cliff and Fog
“Latrabjarb Cliff and Fog” by Dale T. Strouse
“Center” by William Paul Erickson
“Goodnight” by Jared Robinson
Bobbled Harmony
“Bobbled Harmony” by Richard John Boneski III

Originally posted by WSU Vancouver